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  • Member: Jwalk0
  • Studio: Deez Nutz Productions
  • Title: #30. The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious B*tch
  • Premiered: 2010-06-19
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    • ADV Do It Now - Remix
    • Julie Andrews ft. Dick Van Dyke & J. Pat O'Malley Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
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  • Comments: Org Link To Code's Spectacular MEP:

    This anime has single handedly parodied DBZ, Sailor Moon, Akira, Ghost In The Shell, Fist Of The North Star, Ninja Scroll, Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, Mobile Suit Gundam, Pokemon, Trigun, Robotech, Lupin The 3rd, Detective Conan, Blue Gender, Lum, Captain Harlock, Initial D, Cyborg 009, Tekkaman, Space Battleship Yamato, Getter Robo 2, Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind, Star Blazers, Power Rangers, Transformers, Mickey Mouse, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Bambi, Tom & Jerry, Star Wars, E.T., The Godfather, Shaft, Aliens, Rambo, The A-Team, Micheal Jackson, Elvis, Jennifer Love Hewitt, South Park, Ghostbusters, Terminator 2, The Lawnmower Man, Bill & Ted, Mighty Max, Child's Play, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Guilty Gear, Final Fantasy 7, Xenogears, Street Fighter 2, Tokimeki Memorial, Dune, Independence Day, The Neverending Story, Titanic, Les Miserables, Rocky, The Matrix, Back To The Future, Full Metal Jacket, The Ring, Beverly Hills Cop, Care Bears, The Exorcist, Nightmare On Elm Street, Wonder Woman, Forrest Gump, Homeward Bound, Baywatch, Resident Evil, The Simpsons, and more that'll take up this entire box.

    Bottom line, if you take almost every famous movie, tv show, american, and japanese animation ever made and then put them all in a hotel room, Excel Saga would be the bastard child that they would all conceive. If it wasn't for the School Rumble series this would be my #1 favorite comedy anime. Thru word of mouth I brought the box set in '06 and after watching the first 4 eps in one sitting I wuz hooked, they had me rolling on the floor with their mindfuckedness and I stayed tuned thru the whole series not regetting buying it. And it has one of the most awsumness anime opening songs. The main character is Excel Excel (yes, that's her whole name), a blonde 19 year-old psychotic, uber-powerful, obsessive, violent, hyperactive, nymphomaniac who works for her love interest's almost one staff secret organization that wants to gain city conquest. Throughout the eps she meets many people who help and hurt the organization but in all honestly the anime really doesn't have a concrete story, but trust, it's all good anyway since they parody alotta shit. This is a 26-ep anime series but the entire anime is actually 3 animes in one, you have 3 groups of characters with their own beginning events and throughout the episodes they show other events they go thru and how all 3 groups tie into each other as the anime nears the end. All of the eps follow the parody/comedy/action routine until it develops an actual plot by the 23rd ep, which has in my opinion one of the most shocking and heartbreaking cliffhangers in anime history. Then the next 2 eps wraps up all 3 stories with dramatic/emotional/action/romantic events, and then the final (and most bizarre) ep goes back to the parody/comedy/action routine. If you want to get your laugh on, this is one of the ultimate animes to watch.

    Just like my 5th amv this one came to me while I wuz drunk. On Memorial Day while I wuz celebrating with my folks one of my cousins' daughters played disney songs in her moms' car and one of them wuz Julie Andrews' Supercali from the movie Mary Poppins. Being in the tipsy state most of us wuz in at the time, while she wuz singing we sung along as well. While we were singing scenes of Excel Saga kept poppin in my head. Later on that night I remembered a MEP that one of the editors from the org named Code posted on the forums way back related to how he wanted to involved betas that features disney songs, gave my plan to him and he wuz as ecstatic about it as I wuz so I did work. After much consumption of ice cream sammiches, fried chicken and colt 45's, I got the entire thing done in 37 hours. This is one of the songs I luved from the disney movies I watched as a child, so I had a ball turning one of the most happy and well-known songs in the opposite direction LOL!! Didn't plan on making it my 30th amv but since the maximum time limit for the betas on the MEP wuz 2 minutes and since the entire song is 2 minutes I figured why not. Already sent this to an upcoming anime convention in CT for the comedy category and will be doing the same at Otakon next month, hopefully I can make it this year *crosses fingers* Even though he died before I wuz born this amv is dedicated to J. Pat O'Malley who had a hand in this song and voiced many of the characters from the olden disney movies. Hope you enjoy this, reached the big 30!!

    Even though the sound of it is
    something quite atrocious
    If you say it loud enough you'll
    always sound precocious
    Um diddle diddle diddle,
    um diddle ay! (etc.)
    Because I was afraid to speak when
    I was just a lad
    Me father gave me nose a tweak
    and told me I was bad
    But then one day I learned a word
    That saved me achin' nose
    The biggest word you ever heard
    And this is how it goes: Oh!
    He traveled all around the world
    And everywhere he went
    He'd use his word and all would say
    "There goes a clever gent"
    When dukes and maharajas pass the
    time of day with me
    I say me special word and then
    they ask me out to tea. Oh,
    You know:
    You can say it backwards, which is:
    but that's going to be too far. Don't you think?
    So when the cat has got your tongue
    There's no need for dismay
    Just summon up this word and then
    You've got a lot to say
    But better use it carefully or it could
    change your life...
    I said it to me girl one day
    And now me girl's me wife!
    She's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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