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  • Member: Sayco
  • Studio: Sugasugashi Studio
  • Title: The Night of the Titans
  • Premiered: 2010-06-04
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    • Clash Of The Titans Trailer Audio
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    Only few words about this project ^^
    Firstly I'm glad that I finally managed to finish it.
    Generally it's rather a free project that I started after my first trailer. I really enjoyed making 1st trailer, so I decided to edit another one =) especially because it doesn't take me so much time.
    In March I began editing something but due to my studies I left the project. After few months I opened it and realized that more then half was done. It pushed me to move my ass and edited something. That's how I get to the end ...


    Hope you will enjoy it ^^
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    Thanks for all OP and QC :)

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