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  • Members: aoisenshi, Zaiyei
  • Title: Moonlight
  • Premiered: 2010-03-01
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    • Mavis Hee/許美靜 Moonlight in the City/城裡的月光
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    'Someplace on every heart, there is a memory that lasts forever...'

    This is a collab between Debz (Zaiyei) and Lori (aoisenshi)

    This is for Zaney (Rito-kun), because even though you love to bug people when they're busy XD, you do have a side that can be really sweet and understanding. X3 You are a great friend and you always cheer people up when they are down... ;__; We Love you, Zaney! *glomps* We wish you a happy birthday and we hope you enjoy this present we made for you! *v*

    - aoisenshi: Munto the movie, Kimi ni Todoke
    - Zaiyei: 5cm per Second, Romeo & Juliet
    - Style: Raw
    - Programs: Sony Vegas, Final Cut


    Mei ke xin shang mou yi ge di fang
    Someplace on every heart
    Zong you ge ji yi hui bu san
    is a memory that lasts forever

    mei ge shen mou yi ge di fang
    Every late night, there is a place
    Zong you zhe zui sheng de si liang
    that always has the deepest thoughts

    zhe ge shi jian wan qian de bian hua
    This world is filled with various changes
    ai ba you qing de ren fen liang duan
    that love to separate lovers and distance them from each other

    xin ruo zhi dao ling xi de fang qiang
    If the heart knows the direction of (their) mutual understanding
    na pa bu neng gou zhao xi xiang ban
    (they) wouldn't worry about not being together every minute and every second

    Cheng li de yue guang ba meng zhao liang
    The moonlight in the city shines on dreams
    qing wen nuan ta xin fang
    Please warm his heart

    kan tou le ren jian ju san
    Having seen all those the separations and reunions in the world
    neng bu neng duo kuai le pian duan
    Can there be more happy clips?

    Cheng li de yue guang ba meng zhao liang
    The moonlight in the city shines on dreams
    Qing shou hou ta sheng pang
    Please stay by his side

    Ruo you yi tian neng chong feng
    If (we) can reunite one day,
    Rang xin fu sa man zheng ge ye wan
    let happiness spill and fill the whole night

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