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  • Member: exVanquish
  • Studio: Endless Life Studios
  • Title: Piasolute
  • Premiered: 2009-12-28
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  • Song:
    • onoken Piasolute
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  • Comments: Piasolute
    Well this is my entry for the Endless Life Studios Audition!

    Wow, this the second craziest video I ever made. I start this at 1:25 AM and sent a Beta to a few people, the continued and at 2:50 AM I finished the video O.o. This is right behind the video I made back in April for Anime boston in craziest time to make a video, and quickest made full. Though, I really did enjoy making this! It was LOADS of fun!

    About the editing
    The whole video is TOTALLY raw. As in there are NO effects. It took about 3 tracks total to make consisting of fades, hard cuts, and opacity changes. The editing went by quick though I am not as satisfied as I hoped I would be with the end of it, but it still was fun. The picture at the beginning was 5 minutes in Photoshop.

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