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  • Member: Jwalk0
  • Studio: Deez Nutz Productions
  • Title: #25. Eureka Gives Renton Butterflies
  • Premiered: 2009-07-29
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    • (Intro Track) Adult Swim Intro Theme
    • Michael Jackson ft. Marsha Ambrosius Butterflies
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  • Comments: First and foremost this is dedicated to the King of Pop, MJ. This concept came to mind last summer after I heard about the E7 movie, thinking back to the r&b music I've heard over the years Butterflies became the perfect song to use with it and the series. Almost hard to believe this song will be a decade old 2 years from now, it's from his last album Invincible featuring Marsha Ambrosius from the r&b duo Floetry. Haven't seen this song used on any amv yet so I'm glad to be the first to use this song, it's stays on point after all these years. On my Top Tens In Anime vids I listed RentonxEureka as my 2nd favorite couple from all the animes I've watched to this day and the anime's fuckin crucial too, I used my box set for this. Would've had E7 down in my top ten series but I have 12 animes altogether that I find extraordinary so I had to flip coins on the ten I have already listed and E7 and Death Note and those two lost. Straight from the director of the series and the movie he created the movie to be set in a parallel dimension that happened before the series' dimension while both the movie and series had the same characters and settings, only with certain events not happening to them in both dimensions. Although Renton is a human and Eureka is a Coralian they both fall in love with each other and that bond wuz set to determine the fate of the existence between both their species in these dimensions. Like any couple they've been through many hardships and trials that tested their love dealing with each other's pasts, their personal weaknesses, and others' actions against them but they stayed strong throughout and changed each other's life and the universe, I'm going to show that in this amv along with two more couples.

    I started working on this around the middle of June after I finished watching the whole series again and the movie, the movie I downloaded at the time had mediocre quality so I decided to just use the trailer. Coincidentally while I wuz working on the amv MJ died near the end of that same month, I felt the same pain I felt when other musical artists like Pac, Biggie, Big L, J Dilla, Gerald Levert, James Brown, and others' died. MJ is my favorite pop artist and I grew up on his music from the 90s to the next millenium and stayed a consistent fan of all his works, when he died I knew that it would be an honor to bring this amv to it's full potential so I decided to get a high quality version of the movie so I can edit it along with the series for my concept. Finally got it during the 4th of July weekend and it has been fantastic editing this, at the same time it wuz rough as hell though. Mainly because of lack of time due to working at this new job 5 nites a week, going to my summer classes 4 days a week, spending time with my girl and basically just life in general. I'm just glad I got it done before the end of the summer, I feel a great sense of relief from that and especially bringing this out a little over a month after MJ's death. I hope E7 and MJ fans will enjoy this cuz I put my all into it, long live the King Of Pop.

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