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  • Member: AimoAio
  • Title: Heaven's Cry - Clerith
  • Premiered: 2009-04-25
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    • RyanDan Tears Of An Angel
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    Forum Announcement Thread

    For Mina's Spring Flower contest & 11Tiggers Final Fantasy Contest Round III

    Ah,somehow I managed to make Spring seem so depressing xD But I'm such a tragic Clerith junkie,I couldn't do a Clerith video without adding some sadness in :) One thing I really disliked was the blood splat part near the beginning,seemed a little...out of place D: Well anyway, I put alot of thought into the theme this time so I hope you all enjoy it!


    "I so liked Spring last year...because you were here"

    Spring always brought rain,as depressing as it sounds,rain is essential for growth.It had a magical power,rain was Heaven's tears.

    B&W + Texture = Important event
    B&W = Past
    B&W + Border = Cloud's memories


    He sees her blood splatter everywhere.On the floor,on him and all over her favourite flowers.

    Cloud is unable to cope with Aerith's death and distances himself from everyone once he got infected with Geostigma,preferring to die himself so he could join Aerith.He goes to the church where he first met Aerith and saw flowers blooming.Aerith's flowers.Another spring had gone by already since she died.

    He remembers how Aerith was always talking about her flowers,how strong they were,being able to grow in such a rash enviroment and she would always make him look at them.Spring was the season where they bloomed the prettiest,just like her.

    Aerith saw Cloud being unhappy in life.Destroying his life,abandoning his friends and everything else.She couldn't bear to see him so unhappy and crys.Her tears with magical healing powers fall from the sky becoming rain.The healing rain.

    It cured Cloud of his Geostigma but it couldn't cure his broken heart.So he's left all alone in the church,thinking Aerith is still there with him and memories from the past flood his mind.This brings pain to his heart,so painful he would do anything to end it.

    He looks up to see Aerith's tears continuing to fall,the healing rain curing everyone's Geostigma and providing water for her flowers to grow,to grow prettier every year,to make people happy,because that's what Spring was.

    But for Cloud,Spring was nothing without Aerith.He couldn't bear the thought of another happy Spring without Aerith and chose to end his own life to join her in the Lifestream.


    Constructive Criticism is always welcome ^^


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