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  • Member: LittleAtari
  • Studio: Intricate Vision Studio
  • Title: Advent Crisis
  • Premiered: 2009-04-19
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    • The Matrix Reloaded Theatrical Trailer
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    Forum Announcement thread

    This was made for TheTreeAMV's No Name Tourney. I wanted to join since I heard about it but was too busy. So the night before the deadline, I finally put my name down and edited this in like 9 hours. Regardless of this being the shortest amount of time I've devoted to an AMV since my noob days, I happy to say that I am very pleased with how this turned out.

    The theme of the round was "As made famous by..." in which we had to choose a song used by a very popular AMV. Well, I didnt use a song XD. I decided to use the Matrix: Reloaded Trailer audio that was used in ManyLemons/Inertia's Narutrix. It's how I stay original in a contest where the round is telling you to be unoriginal XD.

    Only thing that needs explanation in this is the part "He's found a way to copy himself..." Instead of going Sephiroth route, I went with geostigma and Kadaj making multiple 'kid drones' from it. Also there's Genesis, who in Crisis Core has a million copies running around and the mark of each one is the one black wing.

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