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  • Member: Jwalk0
  • Studio: Deez Nutz Productions
  • Title: #23. Let's Go To Sleep & Wake Up In Miyazaki's Worlds
  • Premiered: 2009-03-29
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    • (Intro Track) Adult Swim Intro Theme
    • Lupe Fiasco Paris, Tokyo
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  • Comments: Let me start off by saying I love this song, no bullshit I must've listened to it over 300 times. If I had a top ten list of favorite songs I've heard in my life to this point, this would be somewhere in there. Lupe's one of the best rappers to ever step on the scene and he did it at a point where rap was at it's darkest and reminded everyone what real hiphop and r&b is all about. When I first heard this track in December of '07 I was in complete awe and had to lay back and think after the song was finished, it brought me back to how music of this style used to be and that was back when I was in grade school. So it was a no-brainer that I needed to make it into an amv, problem was at the time I heard it I couldn't think of any anime that could flow since the lyrics had so much variety. It wasn't until I looked and thought real hard and found out that one anime cannot do it but a mix can. What kind of anime mix could do it though? Miyazaki's animes!! Personally I think he's the best in the field since he's been coming back to back with brilliant movies that had memorable characters, easy to get into plots, and amazing art styles. First one I watched was My Neighbor Totoro back when I was 6 but that one can't roll with this since this song is about a couple so I picked 4 movies that had them, 2 pre-teen couples and 2 teen couples. You have in order from Miyazaki's earliest to latest in this vid: Asbel & Nausicaa, Pazu & Sheeta, Ashitaka & San, and Haku & Chihiro. I'm going to show their moments and then some in this feel good vid, this the kind of song you can listen to whenever and Miyazaki's animes you can watch whenver so I had alotta fun creating this in 41 hours. And I brought this vid out at the perfect time to celebrate the new season, SPRING BREAK!! I also would like to dedicate this vid to people who are involved in long distance relationships and especially to my beau, Kelly Graham for the love she has given me. We've been friends since high school but did not hook up till Valentine's this year, she stays 3 hours away from me but I love her so much despite that. It's very rough not being able to see her in person often but we're managing so we can pursue our college dreams, I wish her the best and can't wait to see her again.

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