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  • Member: FaytxZen
  • Title: A Little Bit Of Louise
  • Premiered: 2008-09-26
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    • Lou Bega Mambo No. 5
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    PERSONAL NOTE: Well, I've been wanting to make a Zero no Tsukaima AMV like this for a while, but since I couldn't think of any song ideas you have my "Saito, When You're Gone..." thing.

    Anyways, this video was not only me trying out new themes, but I was able to try out a couple of key frame effects I've been wanting to do. Oh, and props to Shadowfox85 for being able to make a decent AMV to this song! It's quite frustrating to make an AMV to this song and have it lyric sync.

    Shadowfox85's AMV That Inspired Me

    Recently, I've been "asked": Why is there a stupid bar on the bottom??

    I'll respond:
    It's there just to annoy you- :)

    I'll respond [in all seriousness]:
    ...One word...Subtitles...

    P.S. Also, at this point, I was too lazy to adjust the positions of each individual clip. However, I have already "converted" from using subtitled footage in my AMV and have begun strictly using footage garnered from my own personal DVDs (rule adherence!) and *sdksjfk*-

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