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  • Member: Jwalk0
  • Title: #20. Grandpa Gohan's Influence: Final AMV For My Late Grandpops
  • Premiered: 2008-12-27
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    • (Intro Track) Adult Swim Intro Theme
    • Marvin Sapp Never Would Have Made It
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  • Comments: Uploaded on youtube on 9/21/2008. I felt so lifted the day I finally got this amv done, I said to my friends and subscribers on YT and promised myself that I would make my 20th dedicated to my grandfather and it took almost 6 months after his death to reach this so I seriously feel good about this. When I came up with this concept I had the anime already in mind but I couldn't find a hiphop or r&b track to represent so I thought outside the box and found out gospel was exactly what I was looking for. This is probably the best gospel song I've heard in my life, Mr. Sapp's song just reaches out to you and the whole thing just screams empowerment. I did alotta growing up with the DB trilogy and it was one of the first anime franchises I got into. Goku's relationship with his unbiological grandfather felt too real for Gohan to not be his biological grandfather due to the life lessons he gave him before he died. They affected Goku from the start and throughout his life he became one of the most powerful and influential heroes in his timeline thanks to his kindness, love for his fam and friends, strong determination, and courageous feats. One person changed the universe thanks to his grandfather. I learned alot from my grandfather too before he died and they changed me into the person I am today, so much memories we both had with each other and with our loved ones. God calls us when it's time for us to leave this earth though so we have to realize that tomorrow's not promised to nobody, enjoy the time you have now with your loved ones and make those memories last for a lifetime. This is my 2nd and last amv dedicated to him alongside my Mushi-Shi amv. This is my personal most favorite amv that I've made. I also left a message to my grandfather with me on the cam after this amv is over, God bless you for watching. George Hopkins, I love you, R.I.P. 3/24/2008.

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