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  • Member: Jwalk0
  • Title: #16. A Tribute For Loved Ones, First AMV For My Late Grandpops
  • Premiered: 2008-12-23
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    • (Intro Track) Adult Swim Intro Theme
    • Lyfe Jennings Let's Do This Right
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  • Comments: Uploaded on youtube on 4/17/2008. I've been wanting to make an amv wit this anime after I watched the whole series in '07 and I finally made my dream a reality, this is the realest anime I've watched when it comes to life lessons and human emotions. Most of Lyfe Jennings' songs off his 1st album were hot fiya but the best track I've heard from it is this one, it's so soulful in every way. It's supposed to be about repping those who are in prison and showing love to them but this song is too strong just for that and I'm going to prove it. Since not most have watched this anime which is a shame I'm going to explain a bit of it's backstory and then move into my concept for this amv. The world of this anime has microscopic creatures called Mushi, they help create life along with plants and animals using supernatural powers, there are many kinds of em both good and bad. The main character is my dude Ginko, he's a Mush-Shi, a traveling doctor and scientist who specializes in solving paranormal activities and helping people who suffer from probs, both of them related to Mushi. My concept for this amv was to show the people he helped on his journey and what they went through while at the same time showing how far Ginko will go to save lives even though he was affected for life by a Mushi. I only used the first 25 of the 26 eps since I'm going along with my concept and since most havent watched this series yet. To those who hasn't yall need to check it out when you get the chance, in my opinion every anime fan should watch it. At the time this was the first amv I've been able to edit in a month after taking some time off to remember my grandpops who died on 3/24/2008, to those of you who showed a brotha love when I needed it, thank you and God bless you. I dedicated this amv as well as my 20th one to him since this amv is very sentimental and pertains to the importances of life and death, I'll show his picture on #20.

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