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  • Member: Derudo
  • Title: Brothers Fairytale
  • Premiered: 2008-11-27
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  • Songs:
    • Yoshida Brothers Evening Calm (Yuunagi)
    • Yoshida Brothers Tabidachi (Starting on a Journey)
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    At least
    I finished my newest amv after Little Red Boy. This took me 4.5 month to make it. On start this video in my mind should be just simple non-effects to quick beauty music. But when i making it much things change, idea of vid change. I was trying to make this amv like a fairytale, about two brothers and they brothers love to each other.

    Why this anime?
    I used this beautiful anime to make this amv. I think this movie shows really good story. I mainly try in my vid show dependace between White & Black - two brothers, and this brothers and hard life in city. Next, this anime is really beautiful painted. Much colours, good move of camera. This anime looks great, and the draw is so unreal. In my opinion Tekkonkinkreet is one of must beautiful anime ever. Thanks to 4C studio. :)

    Why this songs?
    Yoshida Brothers - Tabidachi & Evening Calm.
    I used this songs beacause in my vid i want to tale the fairytale - beauty story. Thanks to that in my mind appear an idea - i wanna show this beauty story, i don't need words to tell my story. I try to show them. Yoshida brothers is instrumental band. Two man plaing on shimasen. For me it's like japanese Apocalyptica. I want to wake up emotions thanks to this beautiful orient melody & beautiful anime about feelings, about life and love. Emotion... This songs must wake emotion in you. Must be one with animation. Music & Anime perfectly put together to wake up your emotion for one second. Amv to tell you story.

    When i start making this vid and i start thinking about tmake this as a beautiful story (no song with lyrics, clear story, character profile, fragments from anime) i have in my mind only one vid and that was my inspiration AbsoluteDestiny - Storytelling - A Gothic Fairytale. This vid for short time take me to other world. Even without watched anime i fell like this vid is all story. But this anime is in my eyes black&white&red fairytale about love. Yeah - gothic story. Ill do something diffrent - full colour story about young happy childs in dirty city. Something closer to our reallity.

    Technical stuff...
    I made vid in Adobe Premiere 6.5 with sapphire plug-in. Black&white scene with single colours and few more things come from Adobe After Effects. Virtual dub with H,264 help me to cut anime, and coding with h.264 too. GIMP help with few graphics. Yeah... Windows XP make my work on this vid much harder... thanks...

    Arczi for betatesting x2, plug-ins, technical helps, learn a few ne things, and saying sincere what in his eyes is bad in my vid. Thank you very much. You do really much for me. :)
    Absolute Destiny For inspiration. :)
    Kisiel, Koker, Nitka, Cara, Coach - for alpha test's of my unend video,
    HaKu, Darek - for helps with subtitles in my vid... as you see my english is not very good :)
    You - beacause maybe you watch it. :)

    Write an op or quick comment if you want to say what you like or not in my vid.

    Fall 2008

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