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  • Member: Derudo
  • Title: Little Red Boy
  • Premiered: 2008-06-24
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    • Metallica Little Boy You're Going to Hell
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  • Comments: This is my fourth "good" amv. Good is amv starts from Sin City Prologue when i start knowing something about making amvs. But this vid is third version of same amv. Idea is simple. Great song from South Park the Movie (Metallica - Little Boy You're Going To Hell) when Kenny is going to hell + Alucard from Hellsing. Yeah, Alu is not a little child but a big monster. But Kenny is demonic too, and Alucard not going to hell, he make Hell on Earth. And in easy way this is thats what i want to show. Alucard's Hell :). But... this is not stupid tv show, i don't need to say great philosophy why i use this song and this anime. This is action clip showing character of Alucard in a little bit curved mirror - contrast between Alucard and Kenny.

    I spend two months on making this vid. I know this amv is really short. But maybe i need to make this amv. I think i make really good work with effects, dynamic, motion. First time in my life i am happy beacause of this how looks my vid. :) But of course maybe i am wrong. :P When you watch you will decide.

    I write this is third version of same amv. In first version i make in 2003, second in 2005-6. I dont know how but i lose both of them. Both of this versions i made from Hellsing TV (this from year 2000 or something like that :P). First version i make in WMM - yeah, now i am a bit happy beacause i think i know how its must look, terrible - second in AP6.5 but without any moviemaker skills. Now when i get new version of Hellsing - Hellsing Ultimate... i know i made really good work...

    What can i say more... I made it in AP6.5... i use a little bit too AAE and GIMP.

    I hope you will like it...
    Enjoy :)

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