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  • Member: Infinity Squared
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: M Drive 1.0
  • Premiered: 2008-08-15
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  • Song:
    • Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan Silence (DJ Tiesto Remix)
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    WINNER: Best Drama Video Armageddon 2008

    I love Evangelion. Amidst all the hype, and the obvious over milking of the franchise, at its core, it is still one very awesome series. Now with this movie, I feel as if they're attempting to erase any ill attitude that might have resulted towards them at the fiasco that was End of Evangelion. Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.0 You are [not] alone feels purer, and yet tantalizingly teases you with some deviations from the kanon storyline from very subtle to "holy shit" moments particularly as the ending of the movie arrives.

    I love Silence by Delerium. Classic trance. So when you throw it in the hands of DJ Tiesto for remixing, then I just gotta say you have a song made of win. It hails from the days before "pop" really invaded trance/techno, so again, this song just like the anime, is I think a fusion of the old coming alive in the now.

    Anyway, there are spoilers in this video. I know that you might think Evangelion is an already aged show, so what else is there left to spoil, but some images will come as being new to you if you haven't seen 1.0 You are [not] alone before. It is well worth giving the movie a look and I hope this video convinces you of that. To that effect, acquiring the R2 DVDs became top priority to ensure it is represented in its highest quality.

    Finally I just have to point out that I've returned to using XviD for the render. I decided against using smoothing filters over this video because I wanted to preserve the film grain texture and I just feel that XviD, albeit not as good in the size department, is still better at maintaining gradients and this movie had a lot of high contrasting areas.



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