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  • Member: luggeriano
  • Studio: w00d00 Studio
  • Title: Savior
  • Premiered: 2008-07-08
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    • 30 Seconds to Mars Savior
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    This action-drama is my 4th AMV. And with this, back again to the already familiar action-drama editing and sync. As in the case of previous AMVs of mine, such as Lulu what have you done and The Last Love Song, I do like dramatic animes with deep thougths and/or heart touching emotions, which makes you think cry and tocuh in the same time. One Piece is a very well-known long shounen serie in worldwide scale so no wonder why so many editor like to pick it up. Unfortunately, the resume and fame of this great anime is very poor, probably less than 1-200 otaku know / saw it.
    So the main point of this AMV is: to make the audience be curious by entertaining them in the same time ergo make at least some people watch One Piece. I know that extraordinary length (360 eps so far) can be very horrifying....:-) but does really worth I think. So, the AMV emphasises the drama of Nico Robin: how she became from an innocent child to a world wanted evil. Her past cant let her be in solitude, since her childhod she's running and escape. The first fix point in her life is the Strawhat crew, their friendship as nakamas. What she cant handle in the beginning or at least cant value. so when the CP9 cathces Robin, she would like to atone her non-existing sins by death penalty (she lost goal to be alive since Arabasta). But Strawhats cant let to this happen so no matter what they go to Ennies Lobby to save her. This is the most epic part of the whole One Piece so far I think, which emphasises the value of friendship and self-devotion.

    My basic concept has also appaeared right after SakuraCon when I was -as usual - listening lots of music traveling to the closest town from my little village to arrange my daily things.

    For editing sotware, I used Sony Vegas 8.0 and Adobe After Effects CS3. I switched the role of Vegas as formerly mask generator and I learnt how to mask in AE which can be seen in the more precise and better shaped masks. And I also was experimenting some "new " effects on the raws scenes, to be precise I used for this time covers and old film as mixed.

    Editing took 4 weeks including beta testing.

    This AMV was made to compete on SummerCon,19th July 2008, Hungary.

    Anime: One Piece (Ennies Lobby arc)
    Music: 30 Seconds to Mars - Savior

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