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  • Member: luggeriano
  • Studio: w00d00 Studio
  • Title: The Last Love Song
  • Premiered: 2008-06-09
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  • Song:
    • 3 Doors Down Let Me Go
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    This is my third AMV. I turned a little bit toward sentimental and romantic chords on my instrument, but I kept dramatic line also as in Lulu what have you done. I like dramatic animes with deep thougths and heart touching emotions, which make you think cry and tocuh in the same time. Saikono is one the most dramatic anime in my top list which made me gone through those following emotions.
    Basic idea has appaeared around SakuraCon when I was listening tons of music traveling to the closest town from my little village to arrange my daily things.

    Music is the best thing to kill time and wathcing AMVs on my PDA are even better^^. So, I heard a song from the chosen band, 3 Doors down in a fellow's AMV ([Kaxi] Fall -SES) and I liked it very much. That's when I get the album, I was listening the whole album over and over, and I realized, that my chosen song (Let meg Go) fits very well on the story and main message of Saikano: the love has no boundaries, love can bridge everything, love can preserve our most precious memories....I wanted to emphasize the dramatic line more, becasue as the viewers of the anime already know- there is no happy end there. I thought it would be nice to make a character profile like angsty but teary video on the story of this unlucky young couple. I was following my pathway as lyricsyncer: that's why I chose this song. I was focusing on mainly lyric and beat to catch the music which is somewhere slower and softer, somewhere harder and faster.

    For editing sotware, I used Sony Vegas 8.0 and Adobe After Effects CS3. I swithced the role of Vegas as formerly mask generator and I learnt how to mask in AE which can be seen in the more precise and better shaped masks in a usual multi-screen scene. Some basic effect were also made by AE using Riot Gear preset (e.g. fog) but mostly majority of effects were from Vegas. Editing took 3 weeks including beta testing

    This AMV was made to compete on SummerCon,19th July 2008, Hungary.

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