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  • Member: Warheart
  • Studio: The Inner Circle
  • Title: AvC Iron Chef - Round 2: "Pathfinder"
  • Premiered: 2008-05-14
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  • Song:
    • The Butterfly Effect A Slow Descent
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  • Comments: Opposing Video: "Crysis"

    This is my video from the second round of the AvC [Alex Vs Cal, aka Warheart Vs Deaf Jester] Iron Chef. Basically there are 3 rounds in the 1 on 1 Iron Chef between Cal and myself. Round 2 was designated the 'Action' round.

    Rather than the usual setup for IC, Callan and I decided that we would each pick 3 songs [one action, one drama, one 'epic], edited down to a length between 1:30 and 2:00, and then at the beginning of each round send the song we had chosen, for the other person to edit. So this video uses the song that Callan picked out for me, and his video uses the song I chose for him.

    [24 hours Editing Time] - [ Edited: 12 hours] - [After Effects: 1 hour] - [Encode & Upload: 2 hours] - [Sleep: 7 hours] [Sex: 2 hours]

    This time I had mixed feelings about the song because I wasn't sure what anime to use. But since I was editing a Tekkon video anyway and knew the source I just figured it'd be a good idea to just use that one and after the beta Dark-Krystal send me I saw that Indie-Rock and Tekkon seem to work. Editing was fairly simple, nothing really fancy but still I'm pretty happy with what I did some things just seemed to fall in place, mainly because the song grew on me pretty fast.

    Technically there wasn't much to beef about since I installed Premiere Pro 7.0 for editing instead of using that crappy CS3 althougth the little AE work in the video was indeed AE CS3. The only problems I encountered were encoding problems but since I uploaded a crappy LQ XviD in time it's not such a hustle and bustle. (Final encode is doing stuffz right now)

    Notes about the Video

    1. Premiere 7.0 > CS3

    2. Behold the almighty overlay

    3. Jesty banners own

    4. Illustrator Brush tool = awesome

    5. Butterfly Effect > Butterfly Effect

    Have fun watching ... :-)

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