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  • Member: Prodigi
  • Studio: The Inner Circle
  • Title: AvC Iron Chef - Round 2: "Crysis"
  • Premiered: 2008-05-14
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  • Song:
    • Children of Bodom If You Want Peace... Prepare For War
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  • Comments: Opposing Video: "Pathfinder"

    This is my video from the SECOND (:O) round of the AvC [Alex Vs Cal, aka Warheart Vs Prodigi Deaf Jester] Iron Chef. Basically there are 3 rounds in the 1 on 1 Iron Chef between Alex and myself. This particular round was designated "action".

    Rather than the usual setup for IC, Alex and I decided that we would each pick 3 songs [one action, one drama, one 'epic], edited down to a length between 1:30 and 2:00, and then at the beginning of each round send the song we had chosen, for the other person to edit. So this video uses the song that Alex picked out for me, and his video uses the song I chose for him.

    [24 hours Editing Time] - [Capture: 5 hours] - [Sleep: 7 hours - some overlap with Capture] - [Fixing Problems: 3 hours] - [ Edited: 6 hours] - [Encode & Upload: 2 hours]

    Once again I was very happy with the song Alex sent me. Karas leapt to my mind for the song, but I thought I'd try something a little different and went with the new Eva 1.0 R2 I had. Unfortunately that meant extra time prepping footage (as Karas was already prepped).

    Luckily this time I wasn't plagued by any technical issues, however work and the necessity to do things around the house due to a recent move really cut down on my editing time, so luckily Alex gave me a few more hours to get the video finished.

    Notes about the Video:

    1. I'm not sure if anyone can actually see what's going on in the vid :amv:

    2. Single track action sequences ftw :>

    3. I fixed all my computer issues I'd been having that plagued me last time!

    4. This song is awesome.

    5. As usual we stuck to the movie/game naming scheme.

    Have fun watching ... :-)

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