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  • Member: Warheart
  • Studio: The Inner Circle
  • Title: AvC Iron Chef - Round 1: "Pariah"
  • Premiered: 2007-09-28
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    • Caspian Further In
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    Opposing Video: "Top Gun"

    This is my video from the first round of the AvC [Alex Vs Cal, aka Warheart Vs Prodigi] Iron Chef. Basically there are 3 rounds in the 1 on 1 Iron Chef between Cal and myself.Round 1 was designated the 'Epic' round, where the songs used would be instrumental with an 'epic' feel to them. Rounds 2 and 3 will be Action and Drama.

    Rather than the usual setup for IC, Callan and I decided that we would each pick 3 songs [one action, one drama, one 'epic], edited down to a length between 1:30 and 2:00, and then at the beginning of each round send the song we had chosen, for the other person to edit. So this video uses the song that Callan picked out for me, and his video uses the song I chose for him.

    [24 hours Editing Time] - [ Edited: 11 hours] - [Capture: 3 hours] - [Fixing Problems: 2 hours] - [Encode & Upload: 2 hours] - [Sleep: 6 hours]

    I'm pretty happy with the song I got since I always wanted to edit a Post Rock song since I've been listening to that genre of music very passionately during the last months. But was a very difficult song to edit to actually, that is why I'm not really convinced with the outcome. Also I had quite alot of technical problems such as the stupid import system of AE CS3 which wouldn't let me import my ppj pro so I had to think my whole concept over during the IC or that I drove to the rental to get my source since I had no clue what anime to use for this song, which led to a loss of 2 hours because I had to capture and encode the sources first.

    Basically, this video is all Premiere CS3 and Photoshop. I used AE to animate the borders and PI for the numbers, that's about it.

    Notes about the Video:

    1. F R O G ... Tormentor made me do it ...

    2. Shake + Grain = Win

    3. Bad visual quality resembels grungy music

    4. Lagarith is broken

    5. Premiere CS3 sucks (I'll move back to 7.0)

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