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  • Member: Prodigi
  • Studio: The Inner Circle
  • Title: AvC Iron Chef - Round 1: "Top Gun"
  • Premiered: 2007-09-28
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    • Hubnester Dragonchaser
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  • Comments: Opposing Video: "Pariah"

    This is my video from the first round of the AvC [Alex Vs Cal, aka Warheart Vs Prodigi] Iron Chef. Basically there are 3 rounds in the 1 on 1 Iron Chef between Alex and myself. Round 1 was designated the 'Epic' round, where the songs used would be instrumental with an 'epic' feel to them. Rounds 2 and 3 will be Action and Drama.

    Rather than the usual setup for IC, Alex and I decided that we would each pick 3 songs [one action, one drama, one 'epic], edited down to a length between 1:30 and 2:00, and then at the beginning of each round send the song we had chosen, for the other person to edit. So this video uses the song that Alex picked out for me, and his video uses the song I chose for him.

    Personally I think he gave me a much better song than I gave him >.>

    [24 hours Editing Time] - [Capture: 5 hours] - [Sleep: 7 hours - some overlap with Capture] - [Fixing Problems: 3 hours] - [ Edited: 5 hours] - [Encode & Upload: 2 hours]

    I was very happy with the song Alex sent me, and Macross Zero leapt to mind once I'd given it a listen through. We started at roughly 10pm my time, which meant by the time I'd ripped the dvds and encoded the mjpegs I was already sleeping soundly :>

    When I got up in the morning to actually start the editing I was plagued with massive levels of lag and other computer problems, but I managed to get through it and get it done.

    Notes about the Video:

    1. I dunno what the last half will be like >.> I had run so low on time that I edited it without rendering or exporting anything, so I had no idea how it would come out [as I type this its still encoding, so I havn't watched it yet].

    2. Single track action sequences ftw :>

    3. This computer is dying. Thank God I have a new one that should be ready for use tomoro.

    4. This song is awesome.

    5. If you bitch about the name I'll rip out yer vocal chords :>
    Top Gun is epic times.

    Have fun watching ... :-)

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