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  • Member: Fay-Sa
  • Title: Feed the Fire
  • Premiered: 2007-08-11
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    • Sarah McLachlan Into the Fire
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  • Comments: Announcement Thread

    Contest Information: tied with my other video Falling
    for "Fan's Choice" at Ikasucon 2007 AMV contest

    Note: this video has nothing to do with the anime Card Captor Sakura, I just made the pomo pic as one that is for both the Feed the Fire video and the Clow's Collection muilt-editor project.

    Slackergirl for the song and editing the song as well as beta-testing, you're awesome!
    code_chrono for starting the Clow's Collection that helped me come up with this video as "The Firey card" as well as allowing me to uplaod it before the project came out. Thank you^^

    If you want to play local mp4 get ether VLC Player which is a very handy tool, and is highly useful or the K-lite Mega codec Pack which I prefer this over the CCCP. If not download the Xivd version via direct link

    Please read thank you:

    The idea for this video was from my segment for the Clow's Collection muilt-editor project, and since I was going to a con with slackergirl and I wanted to enter more then one video after entering "Falling" in drama and only able to enter one video per-group I went and made a full leagth version for the action gourp. Being action there really not much as a story however I went with the lryics when it came to much of the clip seletions but I did much more beat-sync then I have normaly, as well as much more effects and used the effects to go with the lryics and beat, which I guess that what most effects are used for huh? lol

    Pretty much this video is about Shana and the use of Fire. Slackergirl suggested the song and it works so well for Shana and showing the power of fire for the MEP. So besides action it's kinda of like an character profile. I am very happy how this video truned out and I hope that you enjoy this to. If you saw this at Ikasucon and voted for it thank you^^, enjoy and as always comments and op's are walcome! ja

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