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  • Member: Fay-Sa
  • Title: Falling
  • Premiered: 2007-06-27
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    • Drama
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    • Romance
  • Song:
    • Skye Sweetnam Fallen Through
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  • Participation:
    • Ikasucon 5: 2007, Ikasucon 5: 2007 (2007-08-12)
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    Contest Information: tied with my other video Feed the Fire
    for "Fan's Choice" at Ikasucon 2007 AMV contest


    If you want to play local mp4 get ether VLC Player which is a very handy tool, and is highly useful or the K-lite Mega codec Pack which I prefer this over the CCCP. If not download the Xivd version via direct link

    Oh boy, what do I say about this vid, well for starters it's the fastest I'v edited a video with Ulead, since I can't really sit down and work on one for hours on end I usually get up for awhile and than a few hours go by without any editing. With this I really sat down and worked on it and thought it out, if I was timing myself I say this would have been around 20 hours in the last few days, even days wise this is my fastest. It's also a lot more simple than my most recent works so that is a big reason that it also didn't take very long to make.

    When I watched this movie I just feel in love with it. The next day when I was in Wal-mart helping my mom with some shopping I was listen to some new songs I added to my zune when this popped up and the rest is history. The story just formed within my head. While I am worried that those who haven't seen the movie would be confused but more that with the ones who have seen the movie would be to cause I went alittle off the original storyline. I don't really think it's that confusing and those who beta didn't say anything so I guess it works, though by the end of the video you should know what had happen. I will say that I used a glow effect to represent the past or a memory, they don't show till later in the vid but also some parts already had a glow from the movie are used in the same way as the ones in which I added the glow. All I pretty much did effect wise is overlys and the glow effect.

    I would also like you to know that even though I do have lip sync there is some lip flap that doesn't sync but that only happens with the characters that I'm not syncing to, the only one that should be syncing is Makoto(short brown hair girl).

    Also the "Romance" is only a small part of the vid, it's more of love lost than gained

    I'm very happy how this video turned out and I haven't had so much fun editing a vid in a long time. So I really hope you enjoy it as I did making it, also as usual opinions and comments are welcome. I'll also put the lyrics in case you can't hear a few parts:

    "Fallen Through"

    I do what he says but I
    end up falling off the edge
    I don't know what to do, never seems
    To end up being true
    Seeps in underneath the door
    Sinks in and stains the floor
    I don't know what to feel takes so long
    For these wounds to heal
    Tell me it's not really real

    Fallen through
    Why did I fall for you
    Fallen for
    All the lies, alibis, that you said
    Left me holding on by the last thread

    Stop, stare, and watch me burn
    Someday it'll be your turn
    Can't fool me, I can see all the things
    that you don't want me to see
    You threw my heart away
    That's the price that I paid
    I know it's never fair, promised me
    You'd always be there
    But you never really cared

    Fallen through
    Why did I fall for you
    Fallen for
    All the lies, alibis, that you said
    Left me holding on by the last thread

    Fallen through
    Why did I fall for you
    Fallen for
    All the lies, alibis, that you said
    Left me holding on by the last thread

    I also want to thanks all my beta testers^_^ enjoy the vid

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