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  • Members: Incanus1225, Angelyco, Nygmatech Enterprises
  • Studio: Lawrence Productions
  • Title: Please Watch Responsibly
  • Premiered: 2007-07-20
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    • Reel Big Fish Drinkin'
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  • Comments: This video requires cliff notes.

    First off, this is what Chirossis turned into. It is about a year and a half old. Before the first version was about to premier, we noticed that many many frame rates were screwed up. We constantly had to go back and change and again and again. After that, when a postable version was finally done again, the hard drive that the project was on died. After all that, it ended up on the back burner while we made other AMVs. You all know this. Somewhere along the line, I give you cliff note two.


    This was our first video entry in ANY contest. Ever. We made it past the screener. We saw it play at the con itself. We placed third.

    I'll repeat that, for those of you out there who are saying "These schmucks did what?!", we placed third in the 2007 Otakon AMV contest category for Upbeat/Rhythm.

    I do not believe I can get into any details tonight, for it's after a convention. I am tired and g3m1n1 is tired, Angelyco is tired, Angelyco needs lovey attention, etc etc.

    We would like to thank everyone who voted for us and continues to cheer us on. We learned much at the AMV panels and Iron Editor we went to and hope to bring you higher quality videos in the future. As always, we welcome critique. Because we tasted the big time. And we want more.



    New version posted with the sizing error fixed. Thanks to Ravensluck (and later RMT) for pointing out this humble techie's big fat mistake.

    g3m1n1, signing off.

    Ja ne!

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