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  • Members: Incanus1225, Angelyco, Nygmatech Enterprises
  • Studio: Lawrence Productions
  • Title: Anime in the Key of Peter Volume 1: Robot Lobster
  • Premiered: 2007-06-29
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  • Song:
    • Family Guy Rock Lobster
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Ladies and Gentlemen and Smismars,

    We know it's been a while. But we have a good reason: Otakon. A video that's been sitting around, unfinished, for about a year and a half, has FINALLY been completed. We haven't posted it yet, but that's because we hit the big time. We have made it to the screener at Otakon '07. If you're going, please enjoy the video we have been slaving over for God only knows how long (So... many... hours...). We'll post it after the convention so just wait a smidge more.

    But now, onto the video you just finished watching. As for concept, I (RMT) have no idea where I got this idea from. I think of stupid stuff at work. What can I say? It was a short song and relatively easy to do, along the lines of Psiren Sandiego. It's a nice stretching of the muscles after the month-ish break we took. But I can't really say much else about this one. It's short and it's silly and it was fun to make. We hope it was fun to watch.

    The biggest news right now, besides Otakon (We made it!) is the newest member of the studio. She's the wuv of my (RMT's) life and hovering over me as I type. She also just hit me! But anyway, she helped too much with syncs and clip selections to not add her. So I made her an account mostly against her will. She did some assists with Anime Sings and Swings and our Otakon entry as well, so please treat her with the same disrespect you've been treating me and g3m1n1.

    That was a joke. We know you don't hate us.

    You don't hate us, do you?

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