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  • Member: Varda_Morrigan
  • Studio: The Last Of ...
  • Title: Project Princess - first part - Taiki
  • Premiered: 2006-10-22
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    • Last Of The Mohicans Elk Hunt
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  • Comments: I'd like that my next AMV will be better. Please if you get me only 1 or 2 stars,leave though quick comments. (I beg you for opinion!!!)

    Project Princess consists of four AMVs. I started to do it in September, 1st September. I was going to do one on the month, but in October I was so busy, that I didn't do. Fortunately in December I had more free time, so I did two AMVs.

    All songs hail from The Last Mohicans. All AMVs how new heros from Sailor Moon Stars: Taiki, Yaten, Seiya and their Princess. I decided to do it, because I was searching tribute about Sailor Stars and I found only few. The most AMV show they together, only Seiya has own tribute {with Usagi :)} .

    In my AMVs you can see what Star Lights thinks about their mission, their lifetime in the earth, about Sailor Moon. Before you have watched it, you must knew one think - a butterfly symbolize Princess.

    First part of project shows Taiki - Sailor Maker. It is the shortest AMV of project. I showed that Taiki subordinate his life to their mission. He thinks, that they should only search their Princess and nothing more. Usagi, Ami, and their friends destroy his vision. They show him, what means normal life. I show also how he lost his faith that they will find Princess.

    Second part of project shows Yaten - Sailor Healer. It shows, that Yaten fights, lives, does everything for his Princess. He suffers when Princess dies. He doesn't understand sailor senshi, that they live normal, that they don't think only about their mission (stabs with Minako).

    Third part of project shows Seiya - Sailor Fighter. I showed, that he is torn between Princess and Sailor Moon, his conflict with others Star Lights, and his will of fight (it contists almost complete battle between Stars Lights and Galaxia).

    Last part shows Princess. Her faith in the Light of Hope, her sacrifice for Star Lights. It shows also Star Lights searching her, fighting with Galaxia, and Sailor Moon fighting with Galaxia, but they are only short moments.

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