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  • Member: WUNETTI Productions
  • Studio: WUNETTI Productions
  • Title: The Utena Symphony, Part III: Acanthus Infernus
  • Premiered: 2006-09-30
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    • Vast pretty when you cry
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  • Comments: This is the third part of The Utena Symphony, a project seven months in the planning and six weeks in the making. The Utena Symphony is a four-part dedication to a series that means a great, great deal to me.

    Damn!: A despicable diversion, delving into the doings of a debonair dastard and a duo of dulcet debutantes. Dabbling in deliberate dissonance, this debut demonstrates the darkest deeds, the decrying and destabilizing of the deepest dedication. The demon we denounce, though deliberate, does disclose the destruction of devotion.

    That Which Was Not, Part II: I'd been trying for some time to come up with a concept for this song, as it's the kind of song that just begs to have images to go with it. It took some time before I realized that Akio's manipulations and the like would do well. The real trouble was convincing myself to do it. Seriously. Making this AMV basically meant finding all the darkest parts, the most hurtful parts, and the most emotionally wrong parts of all of Utena and putting them together. There were several moments in the making of this vid where I actually hurt, and one where I sat back and said to myself, "Dear gods, what have I done?" ...Not that that stopped me.

    Pseudo-Latin: The title of this vid is a bit of a stretch. I needed a word that meant "thorns," as when there are roses, there must be thorns. "Acanthus" is a word for a thorny shrub, and while "Infernus" is meant to mean 'evil,' it of course can also relate to burning. So, depending on how you look at it, the title can either mean "Evil Thorns," or "Burning Bush." Make of that what you will.

    Waxing Symphonic: As the third of a four-part symphony, this video deals with the conflict that occurs when the two major themes, those of love and corruption, mix. The first introduced the first major theme, that of corruption, and the second video introduced the second major theme, that of love. The fourth will be the resolution.

    As always, I do ramble. Spoilers abound in this video and in the entire Symphony; I highly recommend that you see all of Utena before you watch any part of this. Having said that, I hope you enjoy. Comments and opinions are always welcome.

    Part IV of The Utena Symphony, "Novae Finale," will be uploaded on Saturday, October 7.

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