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  • Member: Uanime5
  • Title: Azumusicals
  • Premiered: 2006-06-30
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  • Songs:
    • Gilbert and Sullivan Miya sama, miya sama
    • Grease Hopelessly devoted to you
    • Les Miserables Soundtrack Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
    • Phantom of the Opera The Phantom of the opera
    • Trans-Siberian Orchestra Mephistopheles' Return
    • Trans-Siberian Orchestra Misery
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  • Comments: My 20th AMV is called Azumusical and features the girls of 'Azumanga Daioh' to tunes from several musicals. Each girl has a different song from a musical, except for Tomo and Yomi who have songs from the same musical but play different parts.

    I did not draw the opening image, nor do I know who did. I believe it is offical artwork from the makers of Azumanga Daioh.

    The order of the songs is: Devoted Sakaki, Empty chairs and tables, Miyahama, The Devil and I, and Phantom of Osaka.

    Devoted Sakaki
    This is a love song about Sakaki and Kami neko (biting cat).

    Empty chairs and tables
    This is a sentimental song in which the mood and the past are portrayed using light and shadows.
    For the line 'Phantom shadows on the floor' I used silhouettes because the shadow versions of the girls were hard to recognise (except for Chiyo).

    I used the song 'Miya sama, Miya sama' because it sounds like Miyahama (Chiyo's family name).
    The song used in Miyahama appears in the Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan but it is actually an authentic war song of the Japanese Imperial Army. Below are the lyrics and a translation.

    Miya-sama, Miya-sama - "Noble Prince, Noble Prince"
    On uma no mae ni -"In front of your Highness's horse"
    Pira-pira suru no wa -"Something is fluttering
    Nan gia na? - "What is it?"
    Toko tonyare tonyare na *a series of onomatopes for musical instruments* (not used in this AMV as Chiyo never plays a musical instrument)

    There is a second verse in which the prince replies "Don't you know it is the Imperial banner of silken brocade, the sign of punishment for rebels?", but since this was not included in the Mikado I did not include it in my AMV.

    The Devil and I
    This is a duet about Tomo and Yomi's relationship.

    Yomi's song was originally longer but I had a lot of trouble getting clips to match the lyrics, so I shortened it.

    Those who have seen 'Beethovan's Last Night' will recognise that Yomi plays a different role in Tomo's song. This was intentional, as it made their relationship look more confrontational.

    Phantom of Osaka
    This song shows the darker side of Osaka.

    This was the first song of the Azumusicals I created, when I put the song 'Phantom of the Opera' over this animation and noticed that they matched each other.

    EDIT: 7th July 2006; I have made some minor changes to this AMV (mostly to 'Empty tables and chairs'). The biggest change was replacing the opening image with one where all of the girls, except for Kagara, are playing musical instruments.

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