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  • Member: ZaCloud
  • Studio: DZX Productions
  • Title: 帰らぬ子猫 - Lost Kitten
  • Premiered: 2006-03-03
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  • Songs:
    • D.N.Angel Ost Through Pain
    • DNAngel Through Pain
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is a very sad story about a kitten. That’s about all I can say without spoiling it. *sad smile*

    For some reason, piano pieces usually remind me of cats (probably due to one of my first AMV experiences being La Bella Luna). This D.N.Angel piece really touched my heart, and I felt it really needed a visual story to go with it. I imagined many, many scenarios, but none were poignant enough. Then, as I was listening to it yet again, this one drew itself in my mind and tears instantly filled my eyes once more.

    That was all it took for me to start immediately. For a week and a day, I seldom paused until it was completed, even though I was really ill most of that time (still am at the time of writing this ^_^;; ).

    No existing anime I’d seen could have the right impact or tell my intended story, so I had to create the visuals myself. The style is minimalistic so the viewer sees just what needs to be seen, no more, no less. I wanted it to flow with the rhythm, so every note and beat has meaning in symmetry with the story. While luck usually goes against me, it was truly with me in this endeavor.

    I hope you enjoy it. Have tissues handy though… it has made many people cry.

    Art programs: warPaint version of OpenCanvas (Thanks Waffle King :D ), MS Paint.
    Peripherals: Mouse, Wacom Graphire tablet (I’m still getting the hang of it…)
    Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro (7.0)
    Distribution Codec: XviD (Should be DivX5 compatible too)
    Time Spent: Approx. 74 hours (drawing and editing)

    Note: It’s a quiet piece except for the climax, so turn up the volume if it suits you; it starts and ends very softly. The music starts about 7 seconds in.

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