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  • Member: CliffD
  • Studio: Baka-Shinji
  • Title: La Bella Luna
  • Premiered: 2000-08-06
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  • Song:
    • Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections Eyes on Me
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  • Comments: Primarily this was an experiment to see if I could actually edit/piece together a music video without using a computer (a DVD player, two VCRs, a portable CD player, a television, various cables, and a number of remote controls comprised the equipment list).

    The idea from this video came from listening to the piano version of "Eyes on Me" from Final Fantasy VIII (NOTE: This is NOT from the Original Soundtrack from the game, but from the Piano Collections CD.). While trying to come up with MV ideas, the thought of doing a Luna-centric vid from the SM S movie came into mind, with this song as the piece (other songs were considered, but eventually the EoM piano piece won). Editing using VCRs wasn't easy, and the "final" result could DEFINITELY use some tighter editing, but in the end I was satisfied with the end product.

    BTW, when entered into the Otakon contest, the music was credited to three people:

    Shinko Ogata -- performer
    Nobuo Uematsu -- composer
    Shiro Hamaguchi -- arranger

    This is the first music video that I actually edited together (previous attempts were no-edit vids).

    NOTE: This video COULD be considered to contain a spoiler, as it shows a particularly important event occuring to Luna (won't say what it is, see the S Movie!). Personally, I don't know if this would be regarded to be a spoiler as such, but, just in case, the video is listed accordingly.

    Received Staff Honorable Mention at Otakon 2K MV Contest.

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