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  • Member: Kitsuner
  • Studio: Icon Tsiyur Videos
  • Title: Push Your Limits
  • Premiered: 2006-01-24
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    • Pokemon 2.B.A Master OST Pokemon Dance Mix
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  • Comments: Yeah, yeah, I'm breaking my trend of naming my videos after certain people. It's a new year; I can do whatever I want. :P

    A few months ago, I was browsing the forum, when I noticed the thread for SQ's TRWYP contest. At that time, I was in a wild agree-to-any-video mode, since I was just starting out and hadn't quite figured out how much work goes into an AMV yet (this was when I still hadn't spent more than 3 days on a video), so I signed up. Well, the thought of $100 also helped. ;P I didn't plan to start on this until early January (because somehow I thought the deadline was January 15th, instead of the 25th :/ ), but I did brainstorm on what source to use for a while. At first, I had planned on using Abenobashi, but I later decided that it would be a bit hard to make into a serious video with this song and my abilities. Another brainstorming session led me to Magic Knight Rayearth, which fit perfectly! Unfortunately, I never got started for some reason or another, and eventually I decided to drop out (this was somewhere around January 8th).

    A few days later, probably the 11th or 12th, I was watching some AMVs to pass the time. One of the videos I ended up watching was PieRow's Godspeed, and as I was watching the agents running after Dan, all of a sudden I heard "Team Rocket's on the run" in my head. Immediately afterward, I began going through the Animatrix in my head to see if anything else could fit, and as far as I could tell, there was nothing wrong with the video. It would even be relatively easy to make a serious video out of it, which was required for the contest. That Friday the Thirteenth, after my behind-the-wheel driver's license test (which I failed *again*, but I didn't get any critical errors this time! :D ), we stopped by Hollywood Video to get some movies; while we were there, in addition to the other movies, I rented a copy of Animatrix, which I watched shortly after getting home. Most of the first ten seconds was done that night.

    It wasn't until sometime late Saturday that I noticed that the deadline was not the 15th, but the 25th. Glad that I didn't have to rush through the editing process in only a couple of days, I worked at it at least a little bit each day until it was done, constantly having the people in #amv betatest it for me. Well, alright, I didn't edit EVERY day; the 20th was almost completely spent on my phailed CE entry. Saturday & Sunday were almost entirely spent working on this video, though, so it evens out , I guess. :/

    Anyway, sometime Saturday I chose to end the song at ~2:40, for a number of reasons. That number is three. First and foremost was, obviously, less work would have to be done. However, just as important as that aspect is the fact that the rest of song seems kind of repetitive, so I figured the video would just get incredibly boring. 2:39 is a nice ending spot, in any case, and especially since it keeps the video longer than SQ's requirement of at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

    After I had edited most of it under the title "Pokematrix", which I knew I had to replace, I noticed that I showed a lot of scenes of the characters trying to grow beyond what they already knew, or something like that. So I figured, "Hey, why not call it 'Push Your Limits'? It's serious-sounding, it fits the video somewhat, and best of all, it took more thought than to just combine the anime title with the song.

    Editing this made me realize why I don't do very many multi-source videos: I have this urge to include all of the sources as much as I can, even though the different styles tend to clash sometimes, which a few people pointed out. Stylistically, it seems a lot like Heather to me, yet I still feel like I learned something from it. Hey, if nothing else, I learned how to use the Resize Calculator better.

    Unfortunately, the deadline got pushed back to March 5, so I won't get to find out if I win or not for another month or so. :/

    The following people get my thanks for their help on this video:
    Ileia, Fall, Krat, trythil, haunter, my brother, Aqua, Zero1, and some other people that I can't remember right now for beta-testing and various tips and suggestions.
    SQ for holding the contest (and hopefully giving me $100 >.>)
    PieRow for making his Godspeed video, which helped inspire the source choice.

    I hope you enjoy it!

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