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  • Member: Kitsuner
  • Studio: Icon Tsiyur Videos
  • Title: Heather
  • Premiered: 2005-12-16
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Akira Yamaoka You're Not Here
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Alternate Title: One Day at a Time


    I have reached a milestone! Well, for me, at least. This is the first video that I have worked on for more than 3 days! Not only that, but I managed to just barely hit my goal of working on it for at least 7 days! YAY! For those of you wanting to know what this video is about, it's just a simple Keiichi/Belldandy vid, with a small dash of Celestine tossed in... :/

    Btw, all lip-flap is intended. I was not just trying to get out of doing that work, even though I did. :P

    This video (or at least, the original idea for this video) was designed with four contests in mind: SSJVegita0609's Character Profile Contest, CBR's Fanservice Contest, dj_ultima_the_great's Contest My Mix, and inthesto's Video Game Music Contest.

    Here's the breakdown of this video's evolution...

    1. Idea for quad-contest vid appears, song choice based on ultima & sto's contests; Mouse chosen for anime for the fanservice.

    2. CBR contest dropped (using this video, anyway :P ) due to lack of inspiration, switched to Fruits Basket (Motoko x Yuki) and dropped everything after 1:45 (I actually did start working on this one, but I didn't make it past the opening instrumental... :/ )

    3. Character Profile contest dropped due to lack of work on the video in time (almost made another video for the contest using Stink Bomb and a song for Quest for Glory 3, but I took too long playing with the MIDI :/ )

    4. Burst of inspiration gets me to start using Escaflowne movie for the video (it might have been partly due to doughboy's beta for AMV Heaven, but then again, maybe it wasn't :/ )

    5. Roughly 5 days before the deadline, with maybe a minute and a half done, I can't think of any more, and decide to switch to the Ah! My Goddess movie, since that seemed to work better in my head. Fortunately, I was able to get a 2 day extension on the deadline.

    6. Finished as much as I felt like doing on the video by early Saturday morning, and got a few beta tests during the week, which helped quite a bit. Went Christmas shopping, and returned about an hour before the deadline. Since I hadn't even encoded yet, I sent ultima a PM saying it would be a bit late, and she said it was fine.

    7. Uploaded on rapidshare and sent the link to ultima about two or three hours after the deadline. Out of the 12 videos in the contest, this one came in 6th place, which was a lot higher than I was expecting, so I'm plenty satisfied with the experience.


    (btw, there is an audio glitch at some point in the video at the moment, but it will be fixed soon enough... :/ )

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