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    Im gonna do my top 100 fav amv of all time
    #???, aren't
    foundable in the database:

    #? is the song: It's a Sin By The Pet Shop Boys with
    Neon Genesis Evangelion and I beleive its by Studio NGE
    or something like that (those are old vids, my classics :D)

    #? is the song: Information High by Sharon Apple
    (The pop Idol in The Macross Plus Anime)
    on of corse footage of Macross Plus, this one is like
    a 100 megs mpeg amv, one of my fav of all time and
    beleive it was made by Maboroshi Studios

    #? is another Neon Genesis Evangelion video that isnt
    in the .org database. And this one is old..very old, true classic ^_^
    This is The Info I Have on it: 51,5 megs AVI file,
    Mirth Anime Studios / Rogue Studios / Dimension Video
    Europe, ''Final Countdown'',
    Shin Seiki Evangelion
    Thats whats written in the video file.

    #? is the song: Push it By Static-X and
    the Anime is Street Fighter Alpha...
    no other information is provided in the video
    I have this on a vcd compilation...

    #? is another amv by Maboroshi Studio
    with The Title track from Mortal Kombat
    on Fatal Fury The Motion Picture.

    #? another one from I have no Idea who
    and its kinda bad quality mpeg file
    the song: Pussy or something like that from
    Lords of Acid ..lots
    of amv's here with that one and the La Blue Girl
    anime, this one is old, i have it for quite a few years
    I had other great La Blue Girl amv's too..ill try
    to find em:p

    #? is the song: Heut Ist Mein Tag by Blümchen
    the anime is Dirty Pair Flash Mission Act 1 - 3
    Edited by Mario Baumann - Shattered Dreams Productions

    and hahem..there's tons of amv's missing in the database -_-
    another one that i would have putted like #89
    is by SPOFF Productions the song D'ont Stop Me Now
    by Queen and the anime is Golden Boy, 50 megs MPEG.

    and in that top 100 there must be 2 or more videos from
    this guy
    that arent listed here on the .org
    he's amazing ^_^

    I shall update that profile soon and make new amv's
    like yuh..duh haha :P

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