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  • Profile: Note: This profile text is a few years out of date. I will try to update it eventually if I can find the time... In the meantime, I stepped down from working on this site Jan 2010 to focus on college. If you need help with a site issue, please see this thread: Current Administration Info


    If you plan to watch one of my videos I would recommend them to people in the following order:

    -The World She Knows
    -The Last Transmission
    -My Online Iron Chef Round 1 video
    -DDR4 Track 32 - My Generation
    -Clash of Cultures

    I got into amvs long ago when I went to my high school anime club. For the most part I cared little about them. (The only videos that were shown were poorly edited dbz videos) One day though, a friend of mine brought in Kevin Caldwell's video Phantom of the Opera. It was easily the best I had seen at that time. When I remind myself that it was not edited on a computer I still find myself amazed by it today. Anyways, it was this video that got me into finding other videos like it. Despite all my google searching back then I didn't find until 2002. In the meantime, I managed to get my AMV fix at sites such as,, and

    I even made an attempt at making a video myself though I had little idea how to edit at the time. I tried editing completely in VirtualDub... which is not made for editing with. -_- Well, practice makes perfect as they say. After reading technical information about video editing software, I finally created a video... a crappy video now that I look back at it. In my opinion I could do better. It was then that I found this site. I began reading the guides and the forums and began to fully understand the intricacies of digital video and audio. Once you understand why you need to de-interlace or perform pre-source cleanup you can really make your video look good. Understanding these thing makes editing easier as well which allows you to concentrate more on your editing itself.

    Anyways I began my second video about a month before leaving for the military. I didn't have the time to finish it though. I had my parents sent me the project files and source to me while I was in tech school. (Place you go after boot camp to learn your job) It was there that I completed The World She Knows. A year after I made my first video I finally entered my second video into the org's database.

    This video later won the VCA character profile award for that year, which still stands as the only award I've won beyond "Honorable Mentions/Guest awards". (Edit: Shared a 'Best Action' award for the video TestosteROS at ACEN 2009!) Shortly afterwards, I began competing in a few online competitions and participating in Multi-editor projects. They have cluttered up this profile page for the most part and give the appearance that I have edited more than I actually have. There are only a few "true" videos in the list. ("True" being a video that I put a lot of effort into.)

    I joined the amv studio Destination Skyline in December of 2003 which ended up with five members. Our studio later merged with Random Variable Productions to form Random Destination Studios (original eh?) Our studio consists of eight other members which you may have heard of:
    -Steakslim (aka Jebadia)

    Our studio isn't like most others. For most people a studio is just a name. For us, while we may live a far distance apart, we still manage to get together and meet one another. We hand out dvds at conventions, and have worked on videos together. We are a bunch of friends with similar interests that have banded together.

    Currently I attend conventions, help administer this site, and have made many friends in the community. I have consistently released one "true" each year. I had often planned on editing more but I am constantly finding myself in an editing slump. I hope to have a new video for 2005 but so far things haven't kicked in gear for that to happen.

    Comp Specs (For those curious):

    --Sony 40" Wide Screen 1080p LCD TV :D
    --Antec P180 case
    --Logitech Wireless Mouse and Keyboard combo
    --Windows Vista Ultimate
    --Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield
    --Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR2 1066 ram
    --1 TB total HDD space, 500 GB of which are in RAID 1
    --ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT Graphics Card
    --Maddog 16x dual layer DVD burner
    --Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer

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Last Exile
Azumanga Daioh
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Spirited Away
Love Hina (TV)
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Cowboy Bebop
FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

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