• To add/restate what Pwolf was saying... 2009-09-05 10:05:45 Over time, a file can become fragmented; that is, even though it is just one file it is broken up into chunks on the harddrive. To read a fragmented file, the drive head must move to each fragment. Drive specs list a value called average latency. This is the average time it takes for the drive head to stop reading in one poistion, move to another position on the drive, and start reading again. If you try reading a file that is fragmented into 10 peices, you are wasting about 9x the value of this number:

    fragmented = (10 * latency)
    defragmented = (1 * latency)
    fragmented - defragmented = (9* latency)

    As your drive gets fragmented and files are moved around, the problem exacerbates itself, or gets worse at an increased rate. Say you copy a 1GB file to the drive and the largest contiguous space on the drive is 1MB. In order to be placed on the drive, it will have to be broken up into at least a 1000 pieces. (This is not an outrageous example, I've seen files with 3000+ fragments before.) Next imagine that the thousands upon thousands of files that are you program files are fragmented to hell. In order to start the program, all of the fragments of various files will need to be read. This means slow program loads and slow boot times.

    What can be done if you think de-fragmenting harms your computer? Defrag weekly or daily! I am not kidding. The more often you defrag, the less the problem can develop. A file that might be fragmented into 500 pieces after a few months might only get fragmented a few times if you defrag frequently. Your drive will last longer with less wear and tear this way since it won't have to excessively seek over the drive 24/7, but instead one a few minutes a week. In Vista, de-fragmentation is a weekly scheduled task by default. (So you might have been defragging regularly all along without even knowing it...)

    Also, de-fragmenting SSDs is absolutely unnecessary because there are no moving parts in the drive, thus no drive head wasting time seeking back and forth across the drive to fetch data. Same goes for flash drives. 
  • @Judgeholden 2009-03-18 14:55:16 Nothing wrong with debate, just don't make it personal. 
  • Yahhhh!! Things are great. New vid up. 2003-10-04 20:05:19 I finally finished my Shinobu character profile video!!

    Had to throw in that shameless plug. : )

    Anyways.. Yeah it's finished now. Took a long time but that was because of my military obligations. Right now I'm visiting my family and finally earning a decent paycheck. Horray!!

    Anyways this video is far superior to my first and I've already received one unsolicitated op and two others. XD 
  • Forgotten VDay entry, 2003-03-19 21:41:29 Well today was weird. It started with a weird dream. I donít remember much but in it there was this pretty girl who seemed to like me. It was apparent when we ended up kissing. Even though it was just a dream I felt as though I probably would in real life. It was kind of exhilarating. Other things happened but I wonít put them in even if this is a personal journal. And then I wake up and fall back asleep for twenty minutes causing my sister and me to rush to get her ready for school. We make it with time to spare and when I get back I watch some episodes of an anime called .Hack//Sign for a short time and then watch some AMVís. I decided to watch the AMV by Mabaroshi Studios called Far and Away with the Anime Kare Kano. As the romance aspect played into the plot of the instrumental AMV I could help but recall my dream. Not until later did I realize it was Valentines day, but I guess subconsciously I had to of. I feel a bit lonely that I donít have a girlfriend and I canít experience these emotions without having to imagine themÖ It doesnít help that Iím no longer in school and am just sitting around waiting for boot camp. I went by the school later for the anime club and made an offer that was jumped at stronger than I thought it would be. I offered up 5 series of anime and my amv collection to any that had the CD-r to put them on. Two people teamed together and are going to buy a 100 CD-R pack for me to make 2 copies of everything and another will buy a 50 pack for himself. I didnít realize they would want all the anime I could offer and yet another seems the he would like a series or two by the next time I see them. I hope I have enough time to copy the anime. When I got home I began to watch even more anime and in the past 24 hours I determined that I managed to watch 21 episodes of anime. Iíve had anime on the brain for some time now but Iíve just now begun to watch it again.
  • Not once, not twice, not three, not four... 2003-01-30 18:48:13 Well, I haven't played Counter-Strike for over a month, I've been been playing the Battlefield 1942 demo. I want that game! Anyways, I didn't win the hosting contest and it figures. I would rank my AMV a 'C' and there were many AMVs entered that I had already seen and I would have ranked them an 'A', in other words I had no chance of winning. :( Ever since about the beginning of November I've had an AMV idea brewing and it got to the point that I took fan subbed footage just to see if the concept could be edited as well is it was in my head. The result... I loved the results. I had planned to do this AMV once I had gotten out of boot camp but with the influx of money from Christmas I bought the dvds I needed and a DVD drive. (The reason the Mononoke vid isn't so GQ is I had the footage ripped at a friend's house, compressed to divx *shudders*, and put to cd so I could use it. I may one day go back and fix that AMV but I have no desire to at the moment.) I ripped and edited up to the point in the preview I made but... I just realized that I can't easily change the speed of my clips because I didn't deinterlace my source before editing... in other words I have to start editing again... damn. But the upside is I made a new preview file and excluding the parts I changed the speed the quality is awesome. I am clearing up my hard drive and will soon get full blown into editing soon. I expect to have a finished project (hopefully) near the end of February. Anyways since I have to start over I decided to format and reinstall every thing becuase I got the blue screen and several freezes lately. About a year and a half ago I formatted my hard drive for the first time and learned the hardway how to do it properly. So all is fine... wrong. I install everything then some freak Microsoft internet connection wizard bug causes me to format again. Next time its something else. Something bug with copying files. And finally No One Lives Forever 2 has no sound. That was a result of the evil Nimo codec pack. All in all it took five painstaking formats... But now my machine runs better than ever before so I guess it is a bit worth it. Not to mention that I have a lot of room to work with now for my AMV. Oh and just what is the concept for the video I'm making? I'll give you a hint, the title is "The World She Knows" and it is a character profile. Expect this to be much better than Clash of Cultures. :) Which, BTW I only spent three days on. (I've already spent that much time on this new project.) I might set my ftp back up sometime soon but it won't be untill the beginning of next week.
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