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  • Profile: Well, here I am. After almost two years of membershp, I thought it was time to renew my profile with a much more proper English and much less nonsense XDD. What can I say about me? I'm Paola, 16, from the South of Italy, a sort of lonely wolf and a big CLAMP freak. I'm a cronic fangirl and fanwriter, with a melancholic attitude. Of course, I wouldn't be here if I weren't an AMV maker. A lazy one, though: just think I restarted making videos after more than a year, in January 2007. That's mainly because, after a long break due to Windows Movie Maker --which really was more than I could stand as it crashed everytime I laid my finger on it-- I switched to CyberLink Power Director 5, after a long, long struggle to find a good software. Believe me, this is the best AMV-making software ever, cool and easy. Plus, it saves your files in a few minutes! Besides my technical crap, I love making AMVs. I'm not even close to my dear friend Nausicaa, sometimes my audio cringes and sometimes I use too slow songs, but I put my heart and soul in what I do, and I hope you'll recognize this ^___^!

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