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    Well, i have been an AMV creator for about 2 years and I've enjoyed making AMV's. I was inspired in June 2001 to make AMV's by watching the video "DMX Up In Here" by Supa Vegitto. I was at my buddy Chris Davis's (Majin Kewl) house just hanging out with him on his shitty computer, and that's when he introduced me to the world of DBZ and AMV making. The very next day i was at best buy checking shit out when i found out that i can make AMV's on my current computer using the popular program known as "WMM" (Windows Movie Maker) which in my opinion is the ultimate video editing program, for beginners/ametures that is. I used WMM for about a year and then my buddy Mike Johnson (Lord Steal) introduced me to Adobe Premier. I didn't like it at first, but i realized that program is what i need to climb in my AMV creating career. So about 6 months later I spat out my Duel of Fates video.

    How my AMV clan came about:

    I consider Lord Steal, Majin Kewl, and myself a clan of AMV creators. We all live just around the courner from eachother, about 3 minutes walking distance. Lord Steal started making AMV's 2 years before I did. When we found out that we made AMV's (at the time only DBZ) we started hanging out and making AMV's together. Then we eventually recruited Majin Kewl into making AMV's. He was thinking about it for a while, but Lord Steal and I pushed him and motivated him to begin making AMV's.

    My Web Site:

    My website URL is It is not open at the moment, in fact the domain isn't even open, but everything will around October 01, 2003. I opened the site for one main factor: AMV Contests. Now i have made it an all purpose, all anime web site; but mostly dedicated to AMV's. I will always be running an AMV Contest no matter what. If there is not a contest running at your point of viewing the site, then we are either accepting submissions, posting up AMV's for the contest, or posting the results of the previous contest. The only members of my web site are me (Majin Assassin), Lord Steal, Majin Kewl, and the godly Fluxmeister. When i re-open my site, i will also be adding loads of information about anime's, AMV studios, and much more including media.

    AMV Sponsor:

    When i re-open my website, I will also be opening AMV Sponsor. I will be accepting any one and everyone's AMV's in which I will post up on the site with links to your site directly to your AMV page as well as information about you and the AMV you submit. You will however have to host them your self unless i am absolutly fascinated with your video, then i will host it. I would host it but unfortunetly money is an issue for me so i can get all the space and bandwidth i need.

    Information about me:

    Height: 6'0
    Age: 18
    Birthday: June 17, 1985
    Location: Riverside, California (U.S.)
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Brown
    Weight: 230lbs
    Years Making AMV's: 2
    Favorite AMV: Fluxmeister's "Eternal Damnation"
    Favorite Anime: Hellsing
    Sex: Male
    Number of AMV's Made: 16
    Number of AMV's Premiered: 2
    Computer Info: 800mega hertz, 40 gig hard drive, 128 megs of DDR RAM, a shitty graphics card, and a shitty OS which would be Windows Millenium (Windows ME)
    Programs Used for AMV Making: Adobe Premier 6.0 (Video Editing), Adobe Photo Shop 7.0 (Intro's and Outro's), and Adaptec Easy Cd Creator for ripping music into WAV's. My video source comes from DVD's (DVD Rip's), CD-RW Writer 52x 24x 52x.

    My Plans:

    I plan on doing a lot of work to my computer that way i can produce better and more AMV's. This is what i plan on upgrading my computer to:
    1,024 mb or DDR Ram
    290gig HDD
    Windows XP

    This all doesn't sound like much, but it is to me because my computer is a P.O.S. and doing this will help me a lot.

    -Majin Assassin

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DragonBall Z
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My Videos (3)

  • Duel of Fates (2003-01-29)
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    • John Williams Duel of the Fates
    • DragonBall Z
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  • Duel of Fates (MPG) (2003-01-29)
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    • John Williams Dual of the Fates
    • DragonBall Z
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  • Scum of The Earth (2002-09-10)
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    • Rob Zombie Scum Of The Earth
    • DragonBall Z: Movie 4 (Lord Slug)
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