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  • Member: Lifehost
  • Studio: Cryptonight Studios
  • Title: Final Vengeance
  • Premiered: 2001-10-30
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  • Song:
    • Korn Falling Away From Me
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  • Comments: Probably the only somewhat good Super 17 video out there (or so people say). Anyways, I heard this song and I loved it (everyone's heard this song) and I thought that the sinister mood of Super 17 would fit the part perfectly. The song and the video go together so well it's amazing, when used properly. To make this video I went to chinatown and bought over $100 worth of DBGT footage all on VCD. It's shame they aren't on DVD yet as these VCD's weren't quite the quality that I was hoping for. I guess I'll remake when the DVD's come out in 2004 ;)

    This video took about a 3 weeks (including lots of tweaking) to complete days nonstop to complete, and that doesn't include me having to go back to the VCD store and get the last VCD where Super 17 is defeated (it was out of stock my first visit). I believe that this video is far superior to anything I've done in the past. My computer was acting EXTREMELY tipsy during the making of this video and this I had to reformat after completion. Huzza.

    This is my fourth video ever and I think it turned out really well. It was actually started BEFORE Battle Royale but I made BR as kind of a fix while waiting for the VCD. I used a number of effects, not to look fancy, just to add to the video overall.

    This probably the highest quality Super 17 video you'll see until the DVD's come out. The Music is s straight CD rip. The Video, on the other hand, isn't a 10 I know, but it's the highest quality GT footage around.

    Thanks NeoGohan for letting me use that fire sound at the start!

    BTW this will probably be my last DBZ related video, it's time to start using other anime aswell as putting feeling and emotion into a video.

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