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    Lessee.... blond hair, blue-green eyes, 5'7", 126 lbs, glasses, no fashion sense, obsessed with anime. That should cover it.

    My AMV Wishlist

    Okay, first off, I'd like to see an Ai Yori Aoshi vid to the Change by Garth Brooks. We have enough the Dance videos, people; that's not the only song he ever did. Hell, it's not even his biggest hit!
    Secondly, Metallica's Fixxxer, Gundam Wing. A lot of the lyrics, when applied to Gundam Wing, have some heavy symbolism. Like the Gundams as a kind of voodoo doll set. Trieze as the recipient of the song, the person manipulating the voodoo dolls, the one with the pins; the little girl in Heero's flashback during Endless Waltz could stand for the ritual; and all the innocent people who died during the war as the pins themselves. If you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense.
    Thirdly - wow, that's a funny word - I'd really like to see Nothing Else Matters with Sailor Moon. It's a good song, and really describes the close bond the Senshi have with each other. They can't trust anyone else, but the do have faith in each other and their power. No matter how far apart they are, they're still as close as humanly possible. It makes for great imagery and a nice, serious Sailor Moon AMV.
    Also, more country in general. Like Little Rock by Collin Raye, or something by Montgmery Gentry. Please?

    AMVs of the Month

    Exactly what the header says; this is a list of eight AMVs that will be rotated monthly so you can see all the great videos that refuse to show up on the list down there.

    I Don't Want to Miss a Thing ~ Oh, wow. Sad video. I thought this was a depressing, heartrending video before I knew the first thing about Saikano. I warn you now, it might make you cry.
    Innocent Love ~ Is there anything cuter than ChibiUsa and Helios? Not according to this video. Reccomended to Sailor Moon fans and people with soft, gooey centers.
    SHELLSHOCK ~ I. Love. This. Video! Watch it. Watch it. Watch it now! The power of the penguin compells you....
    Attrition ~ Attrition is a stunning video, with lots of flashing frames. THIS VIDEO MAY CAUSE SEIZURES! Aside from that, it's a perfect representation of the darker, slightly romantic side of Gundam Wing.
    My Last December ~ DNAngel meets Linkin Park in this intricate, bone-chilling AMV. Blue Revolver brings out the drama of the anime without ruining the feel of the song, a balance hard to achieve and harder to maintain.
    This Isn't What We Meant REMASTERED EDITION! ~ Eh... no comment. Words can't do this video justice.
    Evangelion Opus ~ This, unfortunately, is another great video you cannot download. You must suffer, as I rub it in your face that I have it and you don't.
    Destiny Intertwined ~ First AMV, with a 50th-video feel. Definitely worth a look.

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