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  • Profile: Most of the following is old and potentially irrelevant. I will likely get to updating this in the near future.

    I formed AMV no Jutsu productions with a friend who was interested in making AMVs too, but hasn't produced anything in the past couple years and I've made 2. Yay for teamwork! Since Naruto has been licensed and is well on it's way to becoming the new DBZ. I needed a new studio name, one that I wont feel the need to change again. I created Blackbelt Productions at 1:27 AM EST on March 27th, 2007 for the release of my third (second completed) video, Sekai Taicho.

    Current Video Project: I started an Elfen Lied Video to Bodies by drowning pool back in late 2005. It will attempt to tell a story through bloodshed and imagery, while keeping up with the music, using precise timing and by using a (perhaps a slightly excessive) number of effects. While not the most original video idea, there was only one other at the time and if I remember correctly it used other sources as well. It wouldn't surprise me if there a bunch more now, but I still plan to finish it eventually. I took a break from this video to create a comedy video (Sekai Taicho), which has since been completed... I now need to get back to work on the Elfen Lied video.

    Favorite Anime: I don't really have a favorite.... I believe I've seen over 300 series/movies/OVAs at this point and have enjoyed most of them. If I had to choose a few of my "favorites" would have to be Hellsing, Konomini, Love Hina, Full Metal Panic (All 3 seasons and the OVA), Saikano, and so I don't go on forever I'll end it with Saiyuki and because I can't leave it out either, Orphen/Revenge...but I'll stop now before I think of any others, like the Saber Marionette series (except R) or Onegai Sensei/Twins or ....I seriously AM going to stop now...

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  • Sekai Taicho (2007-03-27)
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  • Watashi wa desu (2005-02-27)
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    • Godsmack I Am
    • Samurai Deeper Kyo
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