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  • Profile: Hello, I hope you're having a good day.

    Below is a little bit about myself; stuff like hobbies, thoughts about the world, religious beliefs, etc. I can tell you now, I am really sarcastic, and a lot of people consider me a smart-ass. This is a misunderstanding. I simply have different opinions than other people, and I don't have a problem expressing them. I do have the unstoppable habit of letting my mouth overload my butt, but thats OK.

    [The Anime Side]

    Don't get wierd on me; I'm not one of those people that want to dress up and cosplay everywhere. Hell, I've never even been to a convention, and it wouldn't kill me not to ever go to one. Anime, to me, is an easier way to learn the Japanese language. I appreciate the hard work and the large amounts of money that went into the anime. Thats it, I absolutely despise hentia (anime porn), thats just odd. Guys that look at that need to get a girlfriend, get a job, get something! =/

    [The Live Action Side]

    OK, this is a little easier to write about. My most favorite movies are 'Young Guns' (1 & 2), the 'Matrix' movies, and Starship Troopers. I like movies that tell a good story and those that use a lot of special effects. Of course, Young Guns don't use any special effects, but I just love it anyway. ^_^

    [The Gamer Side]

    I am a gamer, and the definition is as follows;

    'Gamer: One who - unlocks all playable characters/movies/minigames/playing modes, defeats all enemies before the allotted time ends, finishes the game in all possible difficulty levels and/or altering modes, participate and finish all sidequests, refuses to use cheat codes.'

    Don't get me wrong, I am not a Final Fantasy Freak (FFF). I do own FFX, but I bought it as a whim. No, games I like are mostly FPS, or games like MGS2; however, I do like the Tony Hawk Games, Kingdom Hearts, and the Xenosaga games. I like long games, that usually have a lot of extras, or good replay-ability. Red Faction(1 & 2), MGS2, and GTA (III & VC) are some prime examples.

    Things That Piss Me Off (Enough with the sides; this isn't Popeyes)

    I'm just gonna list the tope ten, if I took time to write each one, I'd be here all night. (I get pissed off at a lot of stuff)

    1.) People that don't listen, and think that they are always right.
    2.) People that are dicks, for no good reason.
    3.) People that hug cats too hard.
    4.) Soap Operas >_<
    5.) People that whine about every little thing that goes wrong.
    6.) When my computer starts screwing up.
    7.) People that assume just because a person likes anime, they automatically like hentia.
    8.) !!!GAS PRICES!!!
    9.) The price of electronic equipment.
    10.) People that try to sue others for stupid reasons.


    A am Catholic. Yes I am mad about the 'molesting' thing with the priest, but I don't think that it changes what the church teaches. A quick rundown of the common misconceptions in the Catholic church are: Catholics don't worship Mary, we honor her as the mother of God. Catholics don't actually believe that the bread and wine are Christ's body and blood; they are just symbols. Catholics don't think that the priest is like God, he is a teacher; skilled in the teachings of the church, and most suited to carry the word of God to the people.


    I am 16, almost 17 *can't wait, can't wait*. I go to a small public High school, K-12. I know all of the teachers, most of them really well. I am the unofficial 'Computer Guy', I am pretty good. I am A+ Certified, which to most people doesn't seem that hard to get, but let me clear it up; you have to remember a lot of stuff, hexadecimal addresses, binary code, IRQs, DMAs, jumper settings, etc. My hobbies largely consist of working on my computers, making AMVs, playing my PS2/Computer/SNES(Vintage), having fun with my friends, learning Japanese, and listening to music.


    I like mostly Rock/Metal type music, Metallica, Pearl Jam, and Ozzy are some of my favorites. Also, I like music like Evanessence, Linkin Park, and Hoobastank. Of course from watching anime, I'm in a lot of J-Pop/J-Rock music. I love Ayumi Hamasaki, Nami Tamaki, Chinmoku, and Utada Hikaru. I do have a soft spot for instrumental type music, mostly from games. My most favorite is anything by Yasunori Mitsuda (Did music for Xenosaga).

    Self Description

    I am about 5'10", medium colored skin. Black hair, short, and brown eyes. I wear glasses, but I'm gonna get surgery eventually. I am middle weight, not really weak, but far from being built. I don't work out, but during school I play baseball. I wear mostly shorts and a Tshirt, but when I'm going somewhere I usually wear an undershirt, then an overshirt, and usually Tommy Jeans. I used to be a fan for the dark leather look; semi-goth. I used to wear leather boots, steel-toed, but they got old, and I didn't buy another pair.

    In Conclusion

    I have a website, though I haven't updated it in a long time; probably never will. Go there, I have some links to some cool sites. If you have any problems or questions, email me, I'll be happy to chat with you.

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