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  • Member: Bandit
  • Studio: DBA - Studio
  • Title: Gotenks' got the moves
  • Premiered: 2004-09-16
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  • Songs:
    • Bus Stop Kung Fu Fighting (Bus Stop Mix)
    • Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting
    • Patti Rothberg Kung fu fighting
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  • Comments: It's been a long time since I had this amv in mind...
    Finally I decided to start editing, sincerly without great inspiration, and the results surprised me since the beginning: the song was so easy and interesting to be edited and clips taken from eps 251-262 (Goten and Trunks fusing into Gotenks - after a couple of error - and fighting Majin Bu) were so funny, perfect for the synch. It was really stunning to realize how the scenes perfectly matched lyrics in a lot of part, giving to them a new funny interpretation.
    So here it is "Gotenks' got the moves", title taken from a lip synch you'll find out watching the amv.
    A couple of things to remark:
    1) sometimes I think the real main character is Piccolo... He's the core of the humor, watch the video and you'll see my point.
    2) all the lyrics were impossible to synch... But sometimes try to pay more attention and listen carefully with an open mind: you'll discover new meaning that will make you smile (and hopefully laugh sometimes)... Ex: Gotenks shouts "1, 2 do the kung fu!" and ghosts #1 and #2 attack Majin bu.
    After the rendering I realized that I couldn't stay away from putting some action in a mv... I started with a fun/comedy mv and then I put in some fightings: I think this is a personal style that I'm not able to forsake. Anyway I tried to select fighting scenes that were funny to see, in order to mantain the same easy/comedy theme along the whole amv.

    Technical point of view:
    I mixed three version of the song, I worked on levels to underline some lip synch and made some loop to the chorus... I needed a longer song!!
    In this amv you'll often see the screen split in parts... This happens because there really are a lot of funny clips in dbz eps 251-262 that deserve to be enjoyed and I wanted to show them one after the other, to increase the fun along with the rithm.

    I think that's all...
    I hope you'll like it... I can't wait for your opinions!

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