JOURNAL: DriftRoot (Lauren C.)

  • Harlock Into Darkness - My sixth AMV 2014-09-28 14:44:37

    Well that only took four hours of wrangling to get this thing ready for the Internet. Yeesh. NOT what I had planned on doing this gorgeous Sunday. On the positive side, I did some fall cleaning during all the rendering (and re-rendering...and re-re-rendering) and got all my apartment windows washed. Now I'm off to clean the garage and paint a garden shed! BBL! 
  • Oy...getting to be time to release a new AMV. 2014-09-21 10:19:38 Which means it's time to go BACK to editing and adjust things which have been bugging me, make an announcement poster, update my forum sig., research keywords on YouTube... *sigh*

    And think about what's next. I'm kind of in an editing mood, having just proved that I can create something which I am negligibly passionate about. It was the first non-traumatic experience of my editing life, actually. There's a drama video or three I'd like to make, but they're quite challenging and I've backed away from them in the past. Maybe I'll take another (in some cases, SIXTH) stab at those again. 
  • @Bashar 2014-08-25 07:46:21 Oh those puppy eyes... how can I resist?!

    I wasn't planning on sending this anywhere until the spring, but since you asked, I will certainly pop it over your way in a few weeks. :) 
  • Arrrggghh It's done. 2014-08-24 14:50:13 HID
    Pre-Production: 14
    Editing: 43
    Post-Production: 3

    So unless I decide to change things in the next six hours (entirely possible), I've completed my sixth AMV. Current rate seems to be one every year-and-a-half/two years. :|

    Last-minute additions and subtractions are complete. Final fiddling with clips I've already fiddled with 27 times is finis. Wrestling with temperamental AVS script WHICH WORKED FINE THE LAST TIME I USED IT is over. What's going on now? First test MP4 file is being encoded. So far, no crashes! Meanwhile, I'm going to go play with my dog!

  • "Lazers" 2014-08-16 17:36:53 HID
    Pre-Production: 14
    Editing: 38
    Post-Production: 0

    Ok, worst of the lip syncing is done. It was very odd, I thought I had a ton to do, but thanks to a lot of previous nitpicking over scene choices, there was only one place I had to go in and really mess around. I am not going to go ballistic with this video, though, "perfect" is not what I'm after. Shocking, I know.

    Honestly, though, my lip syncing got thrown a massive curve ball this afternoon when I found that there's something really "off" with ... something in my computer. I can't get accurate frame exports out of any video program, the gamma in the images is all messed up (too dark). Never ran into this issue before, so I did a little Interneting, but didn't find a solution. I suspect it's a graphics card issue. In any case, this effectively killed all the methods I was going to use for lip syncing CG mouths, so I had to resort to some less-than-ideal alternatives in AE. I'm going to haul some of this stuff into work on Monday and see what happens on my PC there.

    So! What's left? Some special effects, since I seem to have the time. Nothing outrageous, just a little something extra to make people smile.  
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