JOURNAL: DriftRoot (Lauren C.)

  • Woooo!!! Wait wha--- 2014-05-04 18:19:11 HID
    Pre-Production: 14
    Editing: 7
    Post-Production: 0

    Yep, this thing can definitely happen - odds of success are now 85%. I am thrilled to pieces! Now, if Premiere would just stop crashing on me, everything would be really great. Really, really great. :| *Attempts to recover last auto-save project. Again.* 
  • Eegghh... 2014-05-03 09:25:02 HID
    Pre-Production: 12

    The Good: I give this AMV about a 24% chance of being made.

    The Bad: As usual, my burst of good intent was fouled by technical difficulties. For some time my PC has been behaving badly, so rather than do something stupid like try to edit with it in such a state, I reformatted the HD. Now, I only did this a year or two ago and my computer' least five, maybe six years old, but has always run like a champ. I'm still keeping a close eye on it, in case the hardware or memory or something is starting to go, but so far the reformat has made a huge difference. Still, if it starts to take a dive I'm going to have to get a new computer.

    The Ugly: So I'm using the new Captain Harlock CG movie for my footage, and I haven't quite figured out why. Yes, it's gorgeous...but that is ALL that movie has going for it. To be fair, even that's a stretch, because the animation of the characters' faces (except for the lead) is pretty bad. It's particularly hilarious watching how the animators convey emotions with hammy, absurd caricatures of expressions. Yes, I want to see if I can make something deceptively decent out of it, but there's lots of anime that I could do the same thing with. I think it's the realism I like about CG, I like to show off something that - just on its own - is visually arresting.'s supposed to be rainy this weekend, so my plan is to work on this thing and possibly get sidetracked by any number of other AMV ideas which have never amounted to a hill of beans. First, though, I'm off to my garden, where I'm moving 200 lb. granite blocks about for artistic reasons. Only dropped them on my feet twice yesterday (and no, I am not wearing steel-toed workboots).

  • @Scintilla 2014-04-16 18:51:28 Very true, and thus my plotting rapidly evolved into a "HA HA, made you think it was good!" trap almost immediately. But a good trap, the kind that says "See? This could have been a cool movie, but no...this AMV is the coolest thing you're going to get out of CGI Harlock."

    *dusts off Premiere* I don't want to do this, but I sort of feel like I need to prove a point. And trick people. We'll see. This will probably be a "meh" AMV, but gosh darnit, I should be able to slack off and just play it straight once in a while. Haven't done that since... uh...hrm...never. Well! Never to late to start, I guess. Although in this case, it's more like I have to beat people to the punch, and I suspect I'm going to be late to the party. 
  • AM I still doing that? No.... 2014-04-13 10:48:42 Video quality was too poor and the content was not there. Seems to be my curse, every kick-ass dramatic AMV concept I've ever pursued is crippled by one or both of these things. I think it's because I really like "deep" anime and "deep" concepts, which are very challenging to work with because there's often a lot of subtlety and exposition in them, which doesn't always translate well to AMVs.

    So what now? Well, until massive inspiration and a meteor of luck strikes, I suspect I'm officially retired from AMVs. Didn't go to Anime Boston this year, not really interested. Don't watch much anime anymore, largely because I'm not interested in most of what's being churned out. *shrug* Looks like last year was my 10-year anniversary, though technically I've been poking around here under one account or another since 2000 or so. That's a good long run, right?

    Oh yes, and I watched Space Pirate Captain Harlock (the CG movie) twice yesterday. It's definitely gorgeous, but otherwise a really unfortunate mess. I watched it twice because - after the first time through - I was supremely aggravated by how BAD and stupid it was, and wanted to give it another shot in hopes that it would be better the second time. NOPE. What ticked me off the most was the ending and the whole eye patch business, although right now as I think back over it, that was more like the last straw.

    The main question the Harlock movie left me with was this fondness for skintight leather. We saw it in Advent Children, and it's back again here. Also joining this fashion puzzle in Harlock are shoes which wouldn't work because people would trip in them, knobs on the back of clothing which would make it impossible to sit comfortably, and an excess of skulls and crossbones as accessories. All I could think about all of that accessorizing was that scene from Expendables 2 where someone jokingly asks Stallone if everything he owns has a skull on it, and he says YES as if there's nothing wrong with that (I think that's how the scene plays out, anyways...).

    It's really too bad, I'd probably make an AMV using Harlock if the whole thing didn't seem ridiculous to me. It just would feel WRONG to try and make an AMV that shows the movie off in a good light. :( Hrm, on the other saying I can't screw around with it with impunity! *begins to plot* 
  • Am I still doing this? Yeah... 2014-01-05 06:05:19 Wandering Souls
    Pre-edit: 12 hours
    Edit: NADA
    Post-Edit: NADA

    The Good: I've got all my footage sorted out. Only took me about two or three months, yeesh. Between bad quality, messed up ARs, stealth PAL formats and bizarre encoding issues (well, bizarre to me anyways), this video is absolutely par for the course so far and I haven't even started editing! One big stroke of luck was finding a very old (think 90's) DVD for $6 at Newbury Comics, which even if the footage is of horrific quality, is at least "the real thing."

    The Bad: I haven't actually opened this footage in Premiere, yet, so for all I know it's as bad as all that stuff I made a month or so ago.

    The Ugly: This AMV business is currently my only creative outlet, which is a sad state of affairs for someone who would prefer to identify themselves as a graphic designer. Even sadder considering I don't like making AMVs and have a very hard time at it.

    /me deletes unnecessary further whining
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