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  • Am I still doing this? Yeah... 2014-01-05 06:05:19 Wandering Souls
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    The Good: I've got all my footage sorted out. Only took me about two or three months, yeesh. Between bad quality, messed up ARs, stealth PAL formats and bizarre encoding issues (well, bizarre to me anyways), this video is absolutely par for the course so far and I haven't even started editing! One big stroke of luck was finding a very old (think 90's) DVD for $6 at Newbury Comics, which even if the footage is of horrific quality, is at least "the real thing."

    The Bad: I haven't actually opened this footage in Premiere, yet, so for all I know it's as bad as all that stuff I made a month or so ago.

    The Ugly: This AMV business is currently my only creative outlet, which is a sad state of affairs for someone who would prefer to identify themselves as a graphic designer. Even sadder considering I don't like making AMVs and have a very hard time at it.

    /me deletes unnecessary further whining
  • I'm about to wander 2013-12-23 19:54:39 This is not something I just noticed, but it IS the first time (I think) I've commented upon it. I am most inclined to edit AMVs when I am about to travel far from home. Seriously. Here I am, preparing for a week away, and I'm researching AMV effects and plotting like some mad scientist how to embark upon my latest experiment.

    Of course, the best way to debunk this would be to pack up my computer and bring it with me. I highly doubt I'd actually set it up and get work done, but still, for some reason it's always been a highly attractive option. I'm sure my family would be less-than-thrilled if I showed up with my PC and spent my entire vacation editing, though. hehe

    So yeah, haven't gotten anything done. Major problems obtaining footage, despite help from helpful folks. The quandry I'm in now is: do I give up b/c I can't get good footage, or do I plow ahead anyways and crash and burn? Wait, that's failure either way...damn it.... 
  • I wonder as I wander 2013-11-23 09:27:27 Wandering Souls
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    Long (not really, actually) story short, I am taking the cheap way out of this and not expending tons of money on imported discs until I am sure this AMV is going to happen. Seems reasonable, no?

    The catch is (there is always a catch) that the footage out there is old and ugly and I've got nothing but DSL to get me by. Took a week and a half to get the footage, then another week to clean it up and convert it into usable formats (this was about a month or so ago). I was understandably miffed when - for some reason - the files cooperated just fine with everything EXCEPT Premiere. It imported them all right, but insisted they were only 30-40 seconds long. After troubleshooting this for about an hour or two, I (apparently) deleted everything - including the "source files" in a fit of rage.

    I say apparently because I don't really remember doing that, and I should know better by now. Still, I can't find them anywhere, so now I have to get the files and clean up/convert them all over again, with no guarantee these new ones will work either.

    And people wonder why I don't make many videos. THIS is what I have to deal with just about every single time, one way or another. I think my last AMV was the only one not plagued by severe, bizarre technical difficulties, though it certainly had its moments.

    The Good: This AMV concept is still a pretty good one that inspires and motivates me. That's really the bottom line, in terms of getting it done. Technical difficulties have NEVER prevented me from making an AMV, they've just contributed to my extreme dislike of this hobby.

    The Bad: Not sure AMVs are still a hobby of mine. I'm not really actively practicing it, I don't like it (well, I never did...but that's a discussion for another time), I can't remember the last time I watched an AMV for fun and overall the whole thing is really off my radar. We'll see if this AMV survives, what happens next.

    The Ugly: I finally picked up Red Dead Redemption and am having a good amount of fun with it. Since I used to ride (horses), I'm getting lots of jollies "riding" around the old West. I also am replaying my beloved Thief franchise, enjoying the hell out of fan missions and whatnot to boot that I haven't touched in a couple years. Gearing up for the new Thief, which *shudder* I will play, but with extreme trepidation. All this means there's some significant digital fun beckoning me from various corners at all times, tempting me away from AMVing. At least when I prefer to wash the kitchen floor than edit, I'm getting something useful done. :| 
  • DAMNIT FIREFOX 2013-10-20 17:59:14 Ate my journal post. Jeez *shakes fist towards the ceiling* you AMV Gods are really starting early this time, YOU KNOW THAT?!

    tldr; 'cause browser ate it: ready to go with a new AMV...oh, wait, no, I forgot that first have to prep all my footage. Whoosh! goes my nascent editing bug. On the plus side, I got all my fall cleaning done today while files did their business.

    Er hem, and as I was starting to say, this is just a test. If what I have in mind works, I then have to buy me some blu-rays and do it all over "for reals" as Greg Proops would say. Great podcast, highly recommended.

    Wandering Souls

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    Drama! (angst?) Love! (and hatred) Fuzzy blurry waaatercolorrr feeeeeelinggssss (only if my effects come out as hoooooped fooorrr)

    I have had a couple stellar AMV concepts over the years which were pursued up until the point that a) I tried to make them and got frustrated at my lack of ability and/or b) got depressed by the subject matter. This hobby is hard enough on my psyche without deliberately putting myself in gloom and doom frames of mind. As "downer" as I hope this AMV will be at moments, it's my goal to celebrate the positives by glorying in the negatives.

    Blood, death, betrayal! Can I bring it to the big screen?? Only time will tell!

    Please please please please pleasepleasepleasepleaseplaseplaseplapselapsleopajkolj 
  • So where were we? 2013-09-22 09:53:01 Not making AMVs!! No big surprise there, I suppose.

    I have been editing, however. Yep. Made my first "professional" (I guess...) video this past week, the whole nine yards: storyboard, filming, dubbing, mixing, editing, special effects, music, everything. Just a short demo video for a product, but I don't do things half-ass and it looks pretty good, IMO. Best part about the process is I got to learn a lot of things, and I looooove learning. Bad part was that I don't really have anyone around to tell me what I did wrong, or how to do it better. That is one thing - as much painful as it might be at times - that can do for editors in spades. Lots of people willing to tell you "nice try, but..." hehe

    My aforementioned joyful realization that - at work - I have an entire IT department at my disposal for hardware/software problems (contrast this to BEING my own IT department when at home) has been tempered by three things:

    1. I can't install or mess around with anything on my work PC because I'm not allowed admin privileges. This makes it very difficult and time-consuming to troubleshoot issues and in general get my work done. I can't even drop Avisynth plugins into the plugins folder b/c that area is off limits.

    2. IT doesn't know much of anything about video production and I'm pretty much on my own, regardless of whether it might be a problem I can't troubleshoot b/c I don't have admin privileges.

    3. IT blames almost everything that goes wrong on my computer on that suspicious video stuff I'm doing/downloading. Oh yes, installing Audacity is MOST DEFINITELY the reason my InDesign catalog file is now malfunctioning...oh wait, it was malfunctioning before Audacity was installed? And it malfunctions for other people, too? Well...still, that Audacity program is a rogue element and so are a bunch of other things so you really shouldn't be surprised or complain when things start going wrong with your PC. Oh HEY that InDesign file suddenly started working again...huh. Well, that's good.

    :| I'd almost rather it stayed broken so then the problem could continue to be investigated.

    Oh, so for dog-lovers, my corgi (see profile pic) no longer has two perky ears. What the hell does that have to do with AMVs? Well, while I was away at Otakon she was being dog-sat by my landlord. I get home late Sunday night and notice she's shaking her head a lot and kind of holding her ear to one side.

    Turn on the lights and discover her left ear is all puffed up with blood, but doesn't seem to be paining her. Off to the vet we go the next day, and the next week, and the weeks after that to deal with the hematoma she somehow developed. $600, 26-stitches and a lot of doggy cone-of-shame, antibiotics and misery later, she's healed up, but her left ear is now kind of wrinkled and flopped over. Another casualty of my AMV hobby!! I'm soooo sorry Rhea!! :(
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