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  • No, seriously, what the heck?! 2015-04-09 20:45:16 Bare days after (awesomely and unexpectedly) winning "Best Concept" at Sakura-Con, I get this from YouTube:

    Due to a copyright takedown notice that we received, we had to take down your video from YouTube:
    Video title: Harlock Into Darkness - Space Pirate Captain Harlock AMV
    Video url:
    Takedown issued by: Jordany Herrera

  • What the heck? 2015-02-21 07:43:20 Harlock into Darkness QC: That's a real trailer%u2026but this is really your work?

    Is it too GOOD to be my work? Too BAD? Not "me?" I am so...baffled.

    But to answer the question... Yes - for better or for worse - that IS really my work. :| 
  • Tales from the Crypt 2015-02-13 18:47:52 In casual conversation the other day, I said, "I used to make AMVs." Well, I guess that's the end of it, then.

    Seriously, though, I've even managed to conjure up some new ideas lately, but they've gotten no further than vague song/lyric research and a wistful, "Yeah, that would be a great video." It's just so much WORK, making AMVs (mine, anyways). Not that I'm lazy, you see, but what kind of motivation must one have to sink hundreds of hours into something on a whim? Do tell, because I certainly don't have it. I've made more videos for work, this time it was a studio production with "real" lighting and equipment and whatnot. That's about it. Everyone says they're pleased with the result and that I did a marvelous job with the editing, but it's just "meh" to me. A tip of my hat to all the editors out there whom I admire - I wish I had your skills.

    Mostly what I've run into is a lack of understanding of how much time it takes to create custom graphics and whatnot. Creating a video from quality, pre-recorded footage is one thing; building a video on custom graphics and animations is quite another. My AMV adventures have helped enormously in this regard, but it still takes a great deal of time and effort. Honestly, I'd rather be making Sephiroth wink than illustrating the proper way to repair an automatic transmission - the latter is not nearly as much work, but the former is far more fun. 
  • Things which have gone wrong lately: 2015-01-29 19:05:28 1. New computer. Wonderful piece of technology, can't load my most recent AMV project files. Blame Premiere? Blame computer? Blame myself? Doesn't matter, can't load the files. Am stuck with a single precious uncompressed export, with no few alternatives when it comes to fine tuning things.

    2. Can't find my anime DVDs. Where are they? I've put off obtaining files from alternative sources because - meh - I've got the real thing. NOPE...where did they Gooooooo?

    3. I am so loathe to edit that - despite sucking it up and obtaining anime sources from aforementioned alternative sources - I can't bring myself to complete the first step of watching the source footage and so determine if my concept is viable. I've got expectations which are much to high, that's what I've concluded. Unless it works perfectly the way I want, I tend to throw in the towel (Takeout being singular proof that I can successfully muddle through despair if need be).

    Oh yes... my dog passed away in November, my corgi of 14 years. She's occasionally been featured in my profile (not right now). I am very depressed about it, several months later. She was my best friend, accompanied me through all of my adult life, and was a wonderful dog all around, much loved by everyone she met. She developed bone cancer this past summer, which the vet (including specialists) failed to diagnose until her shoulder literally disintegrated and she had to be put to sleep very suddenly. I wish I'd made that AMV Hell spoof I'd thought of making, with her on camera manning the remote control. *siiiggghh* I'm making me sniffly again...

    Anyways. Life goes on. Unhappily. Cheers. 
  • *new computer dance* 2014-12-07 10:16:39 Not quite sure, but my current PC is pushing 7-8 years of service. It still works mostly fine, although reformatting doesn't smooth out some performance glitches as it used to. After more than a year of aggravating debate over my PC gaming vs. console gaming future (I don't do both, don't argue with me), I went for a high-end, non-gaming PC which will suit my graphic/video adventures admirably and can be upgraded if necessary for gaming.

    Now that I've bought the thing (delivery ETA tomorrow), I'm like "Oh yeah, Uncharted 4 is coming out next year? Witcher 3 really soon...And what's all this other stuff I sort of knew about but seemed so far in the future...? damnit, I'm going to have to get a PS4!" Main issue is that I do not have high speed Internet, so while I'd love to just game on my PC, I can't do multi-player and I can't really use Steam (except for really old games).

    Yeaaahhh... so the next realization which hits as the bill gets ever closer to my checking account is that I've bought this slick desktop PC when, in fact, I rarely do hardcore design at home and my AMVing is woefully sporadic (if that).

    I might have to make a big AMV to justify the expense of this computer.
    : UUUGGGGHHH!!! Well, I always said I can't edit without the proper motivation.

    Just, ugh, though. Uuugghhh! I'm editing so much at work right now that handling Premiere and AE off the clock is more distasteful than ever.  
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