JOURNAL: irriadin (Ryan )

  • a word of advice 2012-04-05 19:34:05 If you ever get the urge to add Twitch to your video at the last moment and sneak it by without showing it to your beta-tester, just don't. Think of the children!

  • So busy 2012-03-28 16:27:27 In addition to making my epic new action video, I've also jumped into the oft-delayed Bleach MEP in the eleventh hour. Add that in with my two master's classes aaaaand... yikes! Thankfully I do my best under pressure, so I'm hoping that May 5 deadline doesn't sneak up on me! 
  • I want them NOW 2012-03-06 11:31:41 The AMV France Online contest is trickling out all the entries bit by bit everyday. The suspense is KILLING ME, I want to see all the entries NOW! >_> 
  • Titles are dumb 2012-02-13 10:10:18 No Dead Moon Masquerade in the finals makes me ":|" 
  • @CodeZTM 2012-01-03 20:10:29 Oh, you've gotten them too? I thought it was just me. I've gotten three so far... dunno what that's all about >_> 
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