JOURNAL: JaddziaDax (Katie )

  • lol, yeah.... 2015-03-12 19:44:26 Knew I wouldn't get past the Semis, but still thanks people..

    I really want to make a video but my nephew is clogging up my computer with his sources... O.o

    Any ideas for another Madoka or maybe an Angel Beats video? 
  • Holey crap wtf omg thanks arghsdkjfalsdfkj d what? 2015-03-01 17:54:34 Stop paying attention to the org for a bit and come back to the semifinals in the VCAs!

    OMG thanks for the votes O: 
  • Yeah but sometimes I need a little happy. 2015-02-10 16:15:46 2015-02-10 02:19:41This is way too happy and cute and cuddly for this World.

    Thanks random QCer :) 
  • Quick Comments For: Sweet Peach 2015-01-02 14:52:21 2015-01-01 02:25:45cute

    Thanks :) Happy new year!
    Here's hoping I can make a few videos this year O: 
  • I miss having a life and time 2014-12-26 17:24:24 Well maybe not having a life.... I miss editing mostly, I finally have all the sources I need to make an AMV I'd been wanting to make for years, but right now my nephew has my computer clogged with his AMV sources, and with all the people in my house, I don't feel I can exit the area long enough to actually get anything done. I'm constantly worried that they are going to tear up my house.

    All in all it's a lot of drama at my house, and I really wish it would move out. I honestly don't have much of a place to vent all this, but lets just say that aside from my husband's awesome gift giving skills, Christmas just pretty much sucked.

    I'm almost considering taking up livejournal again... Since my family stalks me just about everywhere else on the internet, and I need a place to vent. 
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