JOURNAL: JaddziaDax (Katie )

  • NEW VIDEO! 2015-07-25 05:00:25

    Was sooner than I expected O: 
  • I've actually been editing O.o 2015-07-24 09:26:04 Expect a new video soon! 
  • Aww thanks for the QC on my birthday! 2015-07-16 15:26:09 Quick Comments For: Lovers And Dreamers

    2015-07-15 19:19:44Just adorable! The timings are great, too! 
  • What have you done? 2015-05-30 13:05:12 So I was starting to edit again then Scoob got me Splatoon.

    Good bye editing! 
  • thanks O: 2015-04-26 19:54:17 2015-04-23 19:18:29How are you so good?

    thanks O: but I don't know how to answer this question O:
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