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  • more suggestions 2003-07-06 09:44:32 (Bayesian top 10) 
  • Things that Phade hopefully won't see before Sunday :-) 2003-07-05 22:05:43 Ways to eat CPU on the new server:

    o Measure how similar two different shows are by how many videos they appear in together. Include fudge factors for how to count videos with a lot of sources (divide by that number?) and for row normalization.

    o Same as above, but for music?

    o Have a better search that lets results be refined by excluding and including songs, anime, music, categories, etc. Basicly, a music video explorer. Could build off the above to suggest related anime.

    o Finally finish search by anime & by music artist. 
  • Some interesting suggestions for .org 2002-10-05 20:53:16 (Forum Usage Stats)

    http:// (Watch member/video, receive email on change) 
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