JOURNAL: derobert (Anthony DeRobertis)

  • Well, not the members table (yet) 2004-03-08 00:12:48 But I did manage to fix Phade's use of temporary tables in the video list (on the profile page) and the upload graph (on the member main page). Hopefully, this will speed things up even more. 
  • Wow, nothing broke... 2004-03-07 00:57:38 Or at least no one has complained yet :-)

    I suppose next up is the members table, which needs to have a few things (last hit time, last login, etc.) pulled out. That should be fun. 
  • Changes to videos table, hope nothing breaks 2004-03-06 16:46:27 Well, just finished moving a column out of the videos table and into the new videos_stats table. This should help the mysql query cache a little. Please yell if anything breaks horribly. 
  • AMV CLI and other fun ways to break the site 2003-10-10 17:46:51 (AMV CLI)
    I wonder, should that be a pseudo-CLI over a web page, or a real one over SSH or Telnet. Ok, I'm kidding --- I don't really wonder. Of course it should be the latter! Now, telnet vs. SSH is an easy question, too. A search interface over SSH will be neat. I'll have to write one before Phade finds out.

    Ought to add simple text stylizing support (italics, bold, underline, strikethrough, etc.) to a lot of places. Including the journal. Especially the journal, to make my previous attempt look less feeble and clueless. Seems people want it in video descriptions, too. Another neat one: RSS for That way, I'll be able to have New Videos, top star scale, etc. show up in my Evolution summary. Nice.

    Now, what this site really needs is a better place to put things like this... 
  • darn, the new chart is boring 2003-09-29 18:15:07 Yesterday, when I set up the new chart to graph the tc backlog I hoped it'd make a pretty chart. Unfortunately, it seems at 30mbps we don't have a backlog anymore, so it only shows a few ugly spikes. Dang it.

    Well, one solution <i>download more vidoes, crazies!</i> (Wonder if HTML works here --- guess I'll post to find out. Yeah, I'm lazy.] 
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