JOURNAL: AimoAio (May )

  • I have to say... 2013-10-04 21:06:59 [00:51:24] Emong: aimo
    [00:51:25] Emong: don't be a ninja
    [00:51:49] Emong: and expose your online-ness
    [00:52:16] Aimo: how the fuq did you know i was online? xD
    [00:52:29] Emong: i had a hunch....
    [00:52:33] Emong: so anyway
    [00:52:36] Emong: i'm reading this manhwa
    [00:52:38] Aimo: damn your hunches xD

    ...I was impressed. XD 
  • I am not ashamed to say 2013-09-18 21:27:57 [00:49:57] Emily the Carambola: oooh btw rondom change of topic but have you ever played El Shaddai? i have no idea if i spelled that right
    [01:03:06] Aimo: hmm i havent heard the name before
    [01:03:08] Aimo: googling it now xD
    [01:03:37] Emily the Carambola: it's brilliant
    the more beat up the guy gets the more clothes he loses
    it doesn't make me want to play well that's for sure XDD
    [01:04:03] Emily the Carambola: the main guy actually kind of reminds me of heath ledger
    [01:04:56] Aimo: WHAT
    [01:04:58] Aimo: XD
    [01:05:12] Aimo: that sounds like one hell of a crazy game xD
    [01:05:27] Emily the Carambola: lets just say I don't play it when my parents are watching XD
    [01:07:02] Aimo: LOL
    [01:07:26] Aimo: "Enoch wears holy armor that loses its pieces as the player takes damage, although it can be restored using hearts found by breaking objects."
    [01:07:40] Aimo: this would have sounded normal if i read it before you told me about it
    [01:07:44] Aimo: now it just makes me laugh XDDDD
    [01:08:43] Emily the Carambola: if he loses all his armour he's left only wearing some lovely levi jeans xD
    [01:10:20] Aimo: im actually googling some screens of the game just now LOL
    [01:11:05] Emily the Carambola: omg Lucifer is in that game and he looks fiiiiiine (y)
    [01:11:15] Emily the Carambola: just sayin'
    [01:13:15] Aimo: he looks........nice *cough* very
    [01:13:15] Aimo: XD
    [01:13:52] Emily the Carambola: I'm very happy I bought this game let me tell you xD
    [01:18:23] Aimo: and you're making me want to get it now too xD
    [01:18:36] Aimo: hahaha
    [01:18:45] Aimo: i just imagined my parents faces if they saw me playing it downstairs on the PS3
    [01:18:45] Aimo: XD
    [01:19:38] Emily the Carambola: like they distract you for a second and Enoch gets punched and all his clothes fly off xDD and you're just sitting there like "'s a japanese game they're meant to be weird 8'D"
    [01:20:19] Aimo: omg
    [01:20:19] Aimo: LOL
    [01:20:23] Aimo: THATS A GREAT EXCUSE!
    [01:20:39] Aimo: sometimes they see me watching anime and they think its weird enough already xD
    [01:20:46] Aimo: so it'll be pretty believable (y)
    [01:21:38] Aimo: uh oh
    [01:21:41] Aimo: i just navigated to amazon
    [01:21:43] Aimo: ......
    [01:21:51] Aimo: i might actually end up buying this game ;__;
    [01:22:03] Aimo: Y U DO DIS TO ME? ;__;
    [01:24:32] Emily the Carambola: LOL my friend was complaining about that to me today cos we went into a game shop and she ended up buying a game and that's 2 trips in a row to that shop i've shown her a game and she's bought it xD she said "You're a bad influence!!!"
    [01:26:07] Aimo: gosh you really are >__>
    [01:26:43] Aimo: im really tempted to buy this clothes flying off-i mean anime styled game with a bishie now xD
    [01:27:04] Aimo: but uni starts next week ;__; i wont have enough time to complete it beforehand :(
    [01:28:05] Emily the Carambola: idk I don't think trying to complete it should be your biggest priority ;)
    [01:31:07] Aimo: LOL
    [01:31:23] Aimo: yeah ill just sit staring at the screen. intentionally letting myself be attacked xD
    [01:31:44] Aimo: why do i get the feeling i really WILL do that? XD
    [01:32:52] Emily the Carambola: it's so flipping funny the first time it happens though XD the first time you fight it's a kind of tutorial battle and the enemy is way overpowered so he punches enoch once and all his clothes just EXPLODE off his body
    he's only left wearing ripped boxers xD
    [01:33:48] Aimo: OMFG
    [01:33:52] Aimo: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    [01:33:57] Aimo: im dying here xDDD
    [01:34:18] Aimo: just imagining it omg XDDDD
    [01:34:19] Aimo: LOL
    [01:34:35] Aimo: right im buying it
    [01:34:36] Aimo: XD
    [01:34:39] Aimo: ALL YOUR FAULT
    [01:34:50] Emily the Carambola: ehhehe ;)


    That I did buy this game. In fact, it arrived today and I shall begin playing tomorrow. XD 
  • KNFAI 2013-09-17 18:19:02 [20:58:10] Aimo: i really
    [20:58:11] Aimo: hate
    [20:58:13] Aimo: format factory
    [21:01:38] Dennis: roflmao
    [21:01:42] Dennis: then y you use it?
    [21:01:43] Dennis: XD
    [21:01:49] Dennis: geezus
    [21:33:19] Aimo: because i need to convert these .dats to mp4s xD
    [21:33:32] Aimo: they're ps3 game ripped anime cutscenes
    [21:33:46] Aimo: wont open in vdub
    [21:33:50] Aimo: wont convert in ff
    [21:34:13] Aimo: and is DRM protected in freestudio converter D:
    [21:40:17] Dennis: LMFAO
    [21:40:24] Dennis: try anyvideo converter?
    [21:40:36] Dennis: LOL
    [21:42:07] Dennis: or internet video converter ... just googles it and it says it can convert dat into mp4
    [21:42:08] Dennis: LOL
    [21:42:36] Dennis: how did ya rip those scenes anyway?
    [21:42:44] Dennis: and dafuq you want to edit a game?!
    [21:42:50] Aimo: copied from the disc itself directly
    [21:42:51] Dennis: OMFG
    [21:42:52] Aimo: under movie i think
    [21:42:57] Dennis: dafuq
    [21:43:01] Aimo: ITS TALES
    [21:43:01] Aimo: LOL
    [21:43:05] Aimo: I WANT THE SHINY OPENINGS XD
    [21:43:06] Dennis: KNFAI
    [21:43:13] Dennis: dafuq did i wrote
    [21:43:14] Dennis: omfg
    [21:43:14] Aimo: dafuq is that
    [21:43:15] Aimo: XD
    [21:43:16] Aimo: LMFAO
    [21:43:25] Aimo: is that meant to be "LMFAO"?
    [21:43:26] Aimo: XD
    [21:43:29] Dennis: YES
    [21:43:31] Dennis: XD
    [21:43:35] Aimo: well
    [21:43:40] Aimo: you got 2/5 letters right
    [21:43:42] Aimo: LMFAO
    [21:43:43] Aimo: XD
    [21:44:38] Dennis: roflmao
    [21:44:55] Dennis: i hope this will be saved xD
    [21:47:53] Aimo: you mean published on my journal?
    [21:47:54] Aimo: XD
    [21:48:05] Aimo: forever imprinted into internet history
    [21:48:06] Aimo: XD
    [22:03:10] Dennis: LMFAO 
  • I don't need another reminder thanks 2013-09-15 21:28:16 [00:01:04] Emong: you don't like kpop even for the underaged boys?
    [00:01:16] Emong: should be to your liking
    [00:01:18] Emong: since you like makoto
    [00:01:24] Emong: who is like what? 17?
    [00:01:37] Emong: you are 4 years older than him
    [00:01:41] Emong: congratulations
    [00:01:42] Emong: (y)
    [00:01:56] Aimo: ........
    [00:02:07] Aimo: HE SURE AS HELL DOESNT LOOK 17 TO ME
    [00:02:07] Aimo: XD
    [00:02:17] Emong: deffinitely
    [00:02:17] Aimo: and anyway
    [00:02:19] Emong: more like
    [00:02:20] Emong: 20
    [00:02:41] Aimo: haha
    [00:02:43] Aimo: oh
    [00:03:03] Aimo: i was distracted for a moment because coup d'etat played next and i was like HEY I KNOW THIS SONG FROM SOMEWHERE
    [00:03:06] Aimo: but couldnt find the name
    [00:03:12] Aimo: anyway
    [00:03:18] Aimo: Makoto is my ideal type of boyfriend.
    [00:03:20] Aimo: if only he was older
    [00:03:20] Aimo: xD
    [00:03:28] Aimo: and was real of course LOL
    [00:03:44] Emong: your ideal type of boyfriend being...very tall and muscular? 8D
    [00:04:17] Aimo: i was actually referring to his kind nature
    [00:04:23] Aimo: it makes him really cute <3
    [00:04:30] Emong: yeah
    [00:04:33] Emong: that's my weak spot too
    [00:04:45] Aimo: but being tall and muscular ontop of being nice and cute is a plus
    [00:04:46] Aimo: haha
    [00:04:56] Emong: but
    [00:04:59] Aimo: im just like Y U SO NICE MAKOTO OMG.
    [00:05:08] Aimo: stop making me fall for you mr fictional character ;__;
    [00:05:15] Emong: how do you know what he is like as a boyfriend?
    [00:05:29] Emong: he could be a wifebeater you know
    [00:05:29] Emong: xD
    [00:05:35] Aimo: .....
    [00:05:50] Aimo: i get the feeling he's also that nice to strangers
    [00:06:05] Aimo: SO IMAGINE BEING HIS GF
    [00:06:05] Emong: besides it doesn't matter
    [00:06:09] Aimo: HE'D BE EVEN NICER
    [00:06:17] Emong: because he's been glaring at haru in a very subtle homoerotic way
    [00:06:17] Emong: xD
    [00:06:23] Aimo: NO HE HAS NOT
    [00:06:25] Aimo: D<
    [00:06:28] Aimo: YOU'RE IMAGINING THINGS
    [00:06:33] Aimo: MAKOTO DOESNT GLARE
    [00:06:34] Aimo: D:
    [00:06:48] Emong: cmon
    [00:07:12] Emong: it's so obvious the creators of the series designed them as a pairing for the fujoshi
    [00:07:13] Emong: xD
    [00:07:42] Aimo: HOW
    [00:07:45] Aimo: HOWWWWWWWWWWW?
    [00:08:00] Aimo: i actually saw more Kou x Makoto fanarts than i did Haru x Makoto
    [00:08:03] Aimo: i think
    [00:08:28] Emong: it was obvious from episode 1
    [00:08:40] Emong: when he marched into haru's bathroom
    [00:09:33] Emong: and since then there's been some glaring scenes, and the scene where he fell asleep while waiting for haru
    [00:09:39] Emong: and the rescue breathing scene
    [00:10:16] Aimo: ;_________________________________;
    [00:10:29] Aimo: STTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP
    [00:10:30] Emong: so
    [00:10:32] Emong: sorry, aimo
    [00:10:38] Emong: you just can't beat the emo dude
    [00:10:39] Emong: xD
    [00:10:50] Aimo: ................
    [00:10:58] Aimo: maybe he'd like an emo girl?
    [00:10:58] Aimo: XD
    [00:11:08] Aimo: wait
    [00:11:16] Aimo: HE'S FICTIONAL
    [00:11:41] Emong: like most men you've ever had a crush on
    [00:12:05] Emong: LOL
    [00:12:41] Emong: YOU NEED
    [00:12:43] Emong: TO GET OUT THERE
    [00:12:55] Emong: TO THE REAL LIFE
    [00:13:51] Aimo: ..............
    [00:13:56] Aimo: dont wanna
    [00:13:56] Aimo: .__.
    [00:14:02] Aimo: I LIKE MY 2D WORLD
    [00:14:05] Aimo: ITS NICE
    [00:14:06] Aimo: D: 
  • My fantasy 2D world 2013-09-14 21:38:59 [02:12:55] Aimo: woah
    [02:12:58] Aimo: thanks to the power of fanart
    [02:13:07] Aimo: i think Makoto just moved to no.1 on my fav list from Free
    [02:13:07] Aimo: xD
    [02:16:45] Dennis: LMFAO
    [02:16:58] Dennis: i think he is on every list no.1
    [02:17:07] Dennis: ROFL
    [02:17:26] Aimo: not Haru the emo?
    [02:17:26] Aimo: xD
    [02:17:31] Dennis: LOL
    [02:17:33] Dennis: no
    [02:17:43] Dennis: cuz he is a emo
    [02:17:44] Dennis: LOL
    [02:18:19] Aimo: LMFAO
    [02:18:27] Aimo: seriously why is makoto so adorable?
    [02:18:29] Aimo: he's like
    [02:18:35] Aimo: perfect boyfriend material
    [02:18:35] Aimo: XD
    [02:18:39] Aimo: me gustaaaaaaaaaa <3333
    [02:18:39] Dennis: LMFAO
    [02:18:40] Aimo: XD
    [02:18:44] Dennis: IF HE WAS REAL
    [02:18:45] Dennis: LOL
    [02:18:46] Aimo: IF ONLY
    [02:18:47] Aimo: XD
    [02:18:57] Aimo: ugh
    [02:19:01] Aimo: stop trying to drag me back into reality
    [02:19:06] Aimo: i like my fantasy 2D world ok
    [02:19:07] Aimo: xD
    [02:19:27] Dennis: LMFAO 
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