JOURNAL: istiv (Steeve Gréaux)

  • It's finished ! 2005-06-17 05:14:31 I just finish my last AMV ! (yes that's true)

    Unfortunately i miss the deadline of Vlad's contest at animethon. i'll try Anime Evolution or/and AWA's pro contest. In a first time, the video will be exclusively available on as i promised a friend.

    I finally reach the level 60 at world of warcraft XD so now i have time to finish the projects i started with Tyler and smahut team, then in September, stop editing fo a year to finish my Ph D. thesis.

    vast program -_- 
  • I'm still alive 2005-04-06 08:57:58 Long time since my last journal entry.

    Between now and the last entry, there was shounen bushidou and the lot of awards and comments i had on it. I want to thanks here the people that send me email and opinions or eventually their supporst at the VCAs. I'm very glad that this video made you react. Even if someones get mad looking at it (everyone have his own tastes), i'm pretty happy of the general feedback. so thank you all again.

    Actually i'm working on a hard and long, and probably my last full project. Time has come where my professional work don't allow anymore my AMV passion. I hope i can submit you this vid soon as i've already finished around 70% of it (8 month of work). This time, and this is a promise, there is no singing characters (i see people smiling in the background). here is some lip syncing but this is not the purpose of the video. I've tried to do a more scenaristic vid. This is a perrsonal ambition i pondered since i started to do rotoscoping.

    Once this project released, i'll finish 3 short multi-author projects, with Tyler (2 of them) and the smahut team. Then i'll say you goodbye and concentrate on my Ph. D. I'll be back for sure, but i dunno in how many time. I'll sure have a look sometimes on my favorite creators of .org.

    See you AMV cowboys. 
  • i'm back 2003-12-16 06:40:36 Finally after months working (and not working too) on it, i've finished my new AMV. I hope it will be liked by many people since it took me as time as doing the love united project.

    Then From now i will be involved in a multi-author project called project 5555, here is the webpage:

    if some of yours want to join us, don't hesitate to contact the organisators. there is still some track left.

    see you ++ 
  • Argghhhh !!! 2003-10-02 13:58:45 since i finished my "Project Love United" AMV, i feel like my head is empty of any idea... i don't succeed to make even 10 seconds of my new AMV project :(

    I think i'll go to nabehole for making a break on my AMVmaker life and get a new breath... GAMBATTE HITO-KUN <--- that's me ^^

    I've lost my internet connection too and have so much professional work to do (physic research is not easy, i can see that at the moment T T). i want to die =((.

    No ! i'll resist

    /me taking his mitsubibi in plane mode and going to nabehole !!!


    see you soon for a happier journal entry (i'm starting depressed so the next one must be happier, it's easiest ^^)
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